Explore Learning


Does anybody have any experience of what the Assessment Day at Explore Learning is like?



I have no idea about the assessment centre but have a phone interview with them soon. I assume you’ve already done the interview…what was that like?


I had my telephone interview in November. I spoke to the head of recruitment who was really nice. She really went through my CV and asked questions about that and also asked me what I understood about the company. As a tip, keep a couple of notes in front of you and pretend that you are actually having a face to face interview (so sit up and smile) - sounds silly but it helps you sound keen and professional. She will give you an answer there and then whether or not she wants you to go through to the next part. The next part is where you go to your local centre for an interview which will include a chance to get involved with a session (i.e. testing your rapport with children). After that will come the assessment centre.

It’s a tough process but from what I have heard preperation and enthusiasm is paramount.

Good Luck and let me know how you get on!


Thank you for the advice! My interview isn’t until the 23rd but I have already started taking notes in order to prepare.

Good luck with your assessment centre. Do you have any idea where you will be based if you are successful?


Does anybody have any info or advice for the Centre interview (such as potential interview questions or what to expect during the sales pitch)? Thanks!