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Hey All!

First post here as I’ve only recently come across wikijob and find the level of information and experience very comforting.

I am an experienced consultant, having worked as an IT Management Consultant with Accenture for 3 years.

However…I am currently applying to Deloitte’s consulting business - specifically Architecture and Business Analysis.

I’ve been through the first round interview which seemed pretty straight forward, and now I’ve got my assessment centre in two weeks.

Reading the guide on here I understood there was an etray exercise, a case study, and some competency interviews…all pretty straight forward stuff, until HR email me to give their own version of events.

It reads like a day from hell (!) and I’m hoping someone here has already gone through it and can share their experiences with me (tips and advice very welcome!). I’ve got the following schedule:

8.45am - 2.30pm

  • 1 hour proposal writing exercise (specifically to evaluate grammar, spelling, logic of argument)
  • 1 hour to prepare for a 10 minute presentation to a partner, followed by a Q&A on my presentation
  • 1 hour competency based interview with partner (why Deloitte, market awareness, Deloitte’s position in the consulting industry)
  • Group case study

Now given that Accenture is considered the biggest consultancy globally, even their assessment centre wasn’t as daunting as this (interestingly they focus more on group exercises than individual case studies and presentations).

Of most concern to me are the proposal writing exercise (its labelled a technology assessment centre and it sounds like I’m going to be given a pen and paper to write my argument…who writes business cases with a pen and paper these days???), and the presentation is also something that leaves me a little nervous.

Any advice whatsoever would be really appreciated (and any good Deloitte info sources - i.e. to answer how they stand in the market and what their perceived strengths are would be good too!).

Cheers all!

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Have you done your assessment day? What was the subject of the proposal about? Did it involve calculations? Did you find it hard the presentation?
I’m having mine in less than 2 weeks maybe you can give me some lights!
If you haven’t done it, good luck!! And let’s us know how was it!



Dear Utrecht,

Can you share your experience about the assessment day ?I have mine coming up for EA consulting - experienced hires.



Hi Ross,

How did your interview go? I have my first round interview. Applying for EA Consulting - SAP. Please have you got any interview tips?



Hello All,
I have first round of interview with Deloitte manager in two week time.
I have applied under Enterprise Risk Services under Experienced hires and they have told me that it will competency based interview for 1hr.
Can you please share your experience and questions asked by manager?




I have the same structure for an interview coming up. Please could you kindly let me know what took place during the:
Written exercise (1 hour)
Case study (1 hour prep, 10 minute presentation, 45 minutes questions).

Thank you!