Hey guys, I have a Q regarding the appropriate experience for IB.

I have done two internships in Citi, already - GTS and Corp Banking., I am offered a third one (Citi again, Corp Banking, tho it is not London). The pay is considerably unsatisfying, however i didint manage to secure any internships in the UK. I have the option of doing a summer internship at the Ministry of Finance, or the National Bank of a CEE country. What do I do? I am a penultimate year student in England.



What is it that you want to do afterwards? Career-wise, that is? And what kind of experience do you think you would gain at each of the placements?


I ll try to get into Investment Banking (London or Asia-Pacific). After unsuccessfully applying for Sales and Trading internships, and more or less after interning in Citi’s corp banking dep., I am thinking about M&A.

In Citi I can get a hands on approach on the day-to-day responsibilities of the Relationship Managers (i.e Credit Approvals, company research, etc.). However, I have already done that, and considering that I am almost not getting paid, am not sure, if it will be that beneficial. On the other hand, the internship in the government sector could help me get into one of the best unis for a masters degree. It might even sound good on my IB applications?