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I have an offer to start working at Mazars in their Insolvency Dept and training for ACCA. I cannot find a lot of information on this website regarding working at this company. I am looking for people who have some personal experience with Mazars.
Any information would be much appreciated.


Had an assessment day at mazars recently, didn’t go that well to be honest but here are my experiences and hope they help!

The day started with the partner interview. It’s not as structured as your first round interview and the questions asked depend on the partner. There are a few competency questions but the aim of the interview is basically for the partner to get to know you a little better and to see if you can fit within the firm.

If you get to the assessment day and do not receive an offer at the end you cannot apply to the firm again. This is because they do not change their assessment days and so the tasks are the same. After the interview we had the in-tray exercise. This comprised of three parts in paper form. The in-tray was based on you filling in for a sick employee who was put in charge of organising a marketing conference .The first part was for 30 minutes and needed you to look through a bunch of emails and to rank them as ‘urgently, not urgent, important and not important and each email had an action that had to be written alongside the ranking. The important thing to note here is to keep a track of the time as you are time constrained. The second task lasts for 40 minutes and looks at making a programme of the conference according to the information available. You are also meant to create a food menu for the event giving consideration to certain attendee’s dietary requirements and a budget. All this information is together with the bunch of emails you get at the start. The third part lasts for 20 minutes and is a written task with the aim of persuading partners at Mazars to encourage their workers to attend the event. The piece of writing looks at your fluency and persuasive skills.

The next task is the group exercise. The scenario is based on a rescue company needing to rescue 6 workers in a cave. However only one person can be rescued per hour and potentially some people could die as the cave is in danger of collapsing. The trapped people have decided that they will not decide who will be nominated to be rescued first. Before the group task starts, you have 5 minutes to look at a page of info which has a small paragraph on each individual. Some of them were ridiculous, one person was a member of the communist party, another had been convicted for indecent exposure, another was a Japanese tv icon etc… The main aim is to rank who you think should be rescued in order of first to last given the information at your disposal.

After this the activities of the day are over. You then will have a lunch with fellow graduates and senior managers. After this you have a talk from a person from Kaplan (these are the people who teach you to pass the ACA exams at college!). After this you have another talk with a HR partner to learn more about the firm. We then had a tour of the offices which were really nice. All in all it was a long day but an enjoyable one. Much better than assessment days at the big 4. Although i don’t think I did that well, do ask me any questions about the day if you wish.


Hi wj8716,

Thanks for the info. Good luck. I hope you pass the assessment.

I have also applied to Mazars for the grad assurance training in London. I have completed the online tests and am now waiting to hear from them. Did you have to wait long after your online tests? And any idea what the salaries are like (roughly)?


I had to wait around a week or so before they booked me in. Not too sure what the salary for 2011 is but think it could be around 26-28k. hope that helps.


Hi Everyone

Can you please advise me what to write and how to give reasons for the following Mazars Applicaion question?

Describe your three main achievements to date, giving your reasons for your choice.

Many Thanks


I was getting worried but I did hear from them after about 10 days from the day I completed the tests.


How did yor tests go? Have you done your assment centre yet?

Tara x


Wish you all the best.


I worked for Mazars a few years ago and each office has a different culture. There were reports of bullying, racism, sexism, and ‘old school’ management. I also was on the receiving end of bullying by my manager.

If you Google Mazars and ‘Fiona Hotson-Moore’, you will find a Telegraph article. The article speaks for itself - management close ranks to protect their interests. Anyone who doesn’t fit in with their plans has to go.