Experience with Barclays wealth?


I have a first round interview coming up with barclays wealth for the graduate analyst program…can any one help me in that regard? what sort of questions to expect and all? i dont really have a good idea about their graduate program and I cant find anything specific to that on wikijob either.


Sorry there isn’t much on here about it! When’s your interview? It’s likely to be similar to other investment banks, so do have a look around and see what others are getting asked. I’ll see what I can find out in the meantime!



its on coming tuesday…its for private wealth management thing…3year graduate program with CFA qualification…kindly do let me know if you find out anything! thanks!


When did you submit your application ali1986?


mid september


ali1986 i have a phone interview with Barclays Wealth this coming thursday 30th. Mine is for private banking analyst program with CFA qualification. Is it the same one for you? I reckon it might be. Have you been able to get any hints or tips about the interview? Please do let me know if you have, i would greatly appreciate that! Wish you luck with the interview! All the best!


yash m clueless regarding it! yes it the the analyst program for me aswell, barclays wealth only offers thsi program i guess…will let u know what the interview was all about once m done with it. cheers


Thanks ali. There does not seem to be any sort of interview hints with respect to Barclays Wealth interviews anywhere, so it would be great if you could post details/information about the interview on here. Hope yours went well mate and hopefully you make it to AC! Cheers



Im having an interview with them tomorrow. Any clues what to expect? Would you mind sharing your experience with them ali1986?

Kind regards



Guys the interview was not elaborate, it was a 15min interview. They do not follow any specific format. There were general questions like:

  • Why wealth management?
  • why barclays?
  • why should we take you?
  • have you applied elsewhere?
  • how does the present situation effect our business?

and a couple of similar questions i can’t recall now. Then they give you a chance to ask questions, do utilize that opportunity!

i hope this helps. Best of luck for the interview to you both!!


Thanks! That was extremely helpful! :slight_smile:


Thanks ali! That was great help indeed! :slight_smile:


Hey guys, did you receive any response yet for the interview?


Hi all, i also had my interview 2-3 weeks ago and still have not gotten any answer from them till now. So if anyone of you have received something, please share it with me. Thanks :slight_smile:


I heard a rumour we would hear by the 19th…


Yea its been more than 3 weeks since my interview and have not heard from them yet. Anyone applied for the manchester office?


I did. My application was for Manchester. And did you see that, since last week, on the graduate recruitment website, it says all positions have been filled. That got me confused.


Hopefully they already reserved those positions for us :slight_smile:


Yeah i got the A ok today- not gonna say for where…
I don’t understand the last couple of comments… still no word?


hey guys, did anyone get offers in the end?x