Experience of working in audit


Does anyone have any experience of working in audit? How do you feel about always being out at clients workplace? I’ve got this fear that I might not like being out of office all the time and stuck in a room provided by clients. Especially now when it’s all cold and snowing, will they even have a good heating system?? lol I feel the cold quickly! I’m not applying for the big 4, but I’m through to the last interview for a top 10 firm and it’s in audit.

Also, how long to secondments tend to be? Or does it differ between firms?



It’s soo hard coz I wanna work for a good firm and I may receive an offer from this top 10 firm so it feels right to accept it in that its reputable etc. and it’s known for good training. I like the thought of having my own desk and having the mix between being in the office sometimes and out on audit on other occassions, doing accounts prep and tax work… and it seems only independent firms can offer me that variety and they’re not in the top 10! They’e not even in the top 50 lol. But then again these firms don’t have a dedicated training programme either, which is a negative point. I sooo don’t know what to do!! :frowning: :frowning: