Experience from PwC NEW COMPETENCIES!? Partner Interview stage


Received an e-mail saying that from July 1st onwards PwC will be testing against their new competencies.

The new ones are called The PwC Professional leadership framework and are as follows:
Whole Leadership
Business Acumen
Technical capabilities
Global Acumen

Has anyone had experience from a partner interview with these new competencies?

If so:
How different was it to previous experiences posted on here?
Can you remember your questions? (Especially any unexpected ones!?)
Any advice?

Best of luck to everyone!



I too am having difficulty finding the possible questions related to the new framework.

There seems to be a total lack of info out there regarding the partner interviews and the pwc professional framework.

any help appreciated guys



Just had my partner interview:
Position - Consulting and Assurance joint programme
Interviewer - manager from consulting division
10 minutes of casual conversation followed by 45 minutes of competency questions
Questions based on PWC’s 5 competencies: Leadership, Business Acumen, Global Acumen, Technical Capabilities, Relationships.
TMAATWY worked as part of a team
TMAATWY worked as part of a team to achieve a challenge
Business Acumen:
TMAATWY improved a business process
What do you know about PWC and the services it provides
What are the issues facing PWC in these service lines
What industries are you interested in and why
Global Acumen:
TMAATWY shared your experience to help others
Technical Capabilities:
TMAATWY produced work to a high standard
TMAATWY produced work to a tight deadline
TMAATWY worked with someone and exceeded their expectations
TMAATWY built a relationship with someone


What is this new 5 PwC Professional leadership framework?
I was informed to prep answers to 10 core competencies.
Could you tell me more about it?