Expenses Not Reimbursed


Hi I’m wondering if anyone has any advice on what I should do.

I was at a job interview on the 28th January and I have still not received my travel expenses which included a train ticket and a hotel. I never got the job and they have also been useless in giving me feedback as to why.

I feel that I have been patient enough given how long ago it was.
They have promised me several times that they would arrive by the end of the week.

My emails are now being ignored and I think it is a complete and utter joke that they can be allowed to get away with this.


This happened to my friend…pretty much same scenario…went to final AC, got rejected, but didnt get his expenses for 3 months…they also decided to ignore his emails after a while…he said he say a big difference in how they treated him while he was in the application process and after he got rejected…HR ppl these days!!!

He just simply kept ringing and emailing until he got his money. Not sure if its the best way of going about it but it worked for him though


Thanks. I’ve heard that it has happened to a few people with other job roles in the past. I think it is just horrible that they do this and think they can get away with it. I’ve not got over 100 pounds to spare. It is completely selfish.

I’m just going to harass them until I get my money.


What company did you interview with?


It was Hertfordshire County Council.



After reading these comments, I’m beginning to thing I’m lucky after having only waited over 2 months for my interview expenses from an interview in Birmingham with RSM Tenon. Still waiting, still chasing, still waiting for calls back to me, still getting more and more wound up. No wonder financial companies report so much profit when they hold on to other peoples money !!

Name and shame.

Good luck everyone trying to recoup expenses.


How can they no pay back your expenses…

That is terrible…

When I was apply for jobs, before I found my position, I was always given back my travel money.