expand answer on ideal client in Pwc 1st interview??


Could someone offer some idea how to expand the answer on how PwC could help an idea client in the 1st interview? I chose M&S on my application form as now it’s undergoing slumping profits. It’s pretty easy to put the answer down on the application form,
eg, audit --checking reporting and assess risks in system and operation,
Tax–manage tax liablities, how to minimize tax
Corporate Finance–advise on M&A, or business recovery

but I don’t know how to expand the answer in the interview???

Urgent help needed pls…


Could everyone contribute some ideas please?


I didnt really have to expand it that much. I wrote p&g in my form and told my interviewer that I just took a large company pwc could provide a lot of services too. he seemed pretty happy with that… im not saying that you dont need to prepare answers, but they dont need to be perfect is all im saying


I have worked for PwC for a year and then quit to do my Masters …I can help you is you can PM me! :slight_smile:


zerko, I was wondering whether you could tell me anything about how the time in the first year is split between studying for the ACA qualification and working on the job. THanks in advance.