Exit opportunities after three years


I’m currently applying to KPMG for Transactions and Restructuring, as it seems to offer a variety of experience in different departments and the chance to get the ACA qualification is appealing too. However I don’t plan on remaining within a Big 4 firm for long after qualifying, as moving into a financial department in industry is (for the moment) my main goal. However does the choice of service area that I choose to go into now have an effect on what I can do afterwards? I’m aware that audit is seen to be more general and practical in terms of transferability, but having read loads of people’s views on it I don’t know if it would really be for me.

Can anyone offer any advice?


Anyone? I’m aware it’s maybe a slightly strange question but any help would be appreciated!


Personally I would say no. You have the ACA and worked with a big 4 firm. Beyond that most industry won’t care. If you were in a smaller firm, audit may have an edge but coming from KPMG I don’t think it will matter.
What will also help is that your ACA scores are public knowledge, so there is literally a league table of the “best” newly qualified accountants. I think that will be a bigger factor in determining how far or how high up you can go straight after qualifying.
But honestly, ACA at any big four, people will be jumping to get at you, I wouldn’t worry.