Exeter vs Cardiff


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I wanted some advice on two universities - University of Exeter (Business School), Cardiff University - Cardiff Business School. I’m hoping to study a MSc beginning in September and then work in the City (Financial Markets - London).
Which out of the two universities would you recommend to do a Masters?



I’ve just graduated from Exeter and the Business school myself in Economics and I’d highly recommend it. The universities constantly moving up the tables, atleast in undergraduate related ones and has just pretty much finished a huge, huge reconstruction of the campus. Great place to live for a year or two as well!


I would also echo the comments above. I’m heading back to exeter this September for my 4th year, and whilst it has been a building site since day 1, its pretty much finished now, and I cant wait to go back. Love the city, the business school is pretty impressive, and the reputation of the university is getting better and better.