Example competency question on "Intellect and Judgement?"


First of all I would just like to say how useful this site has been to me so far in terms of grad scheme research!

I have a small question though,

I am due to have a phone interview soon which I am preparing for at the moment. One of the key competencies is “Intellect and Judgement.”

I was just wondering what kind of questions could these be?

Thanks for all your help


Thanks traineewannabe. …be sure to tell your friends about us too :stuck_out_tongue:

For starters, have a look at these articles if you haven’t already…

  • [[telephone interview]]
  • [[competency based interview]]
  • [[key competencies]]
  • [[competency based questions]]

Intellect and judgement questions will be something like:

  • “Give me an example of when you overcame a problem at work”
  • “Tell me about a time you successfully overcame a problem?”

See our article on [[Decision Making]] specifically. This should be really useful to you.

I would expect this type of question to be quite general and open in its phrasing. You will be expected to show evidence of intelligence and good judgement - perhaps a time when you dealt with a difficult customer, or a time when you were in charge of a team and some members were in conflict and you overcame this by getting them to bond… can you think of examples from uni/sports/music/work…?

What company will you be interviewing at?


Thanks for your help, yup I always refer this website to my friends. To be honest I think if anyone does research for their interview on google, they will probably find this website!

The interview is for Grant Thornton, i’ll tell you how it goes!

also, in regards to another compentency “drive,” do you know what that would test?


…have a look at [[career motivation]] … possibly also [[results orientation]] … :slight_smile: