Eversheds Assessment Centre Help



My friend has one of these coming up at the end of August but is struggling to find any detailed information on what to expect. Can anybody out there help???


Eversheds Assessment Centre …hmm…

I take it they’ve looked at the [[Eversheds]] training contract interview questions profile? The profile covers the extent of my knowledge on the Eversheds assessment centre.

Perhaps someone else can add some more detail - either to the wiki or this thread?!

…we really need some more legal guinnea pigs to give us their interview feedback. If anyone has anything they can contribute about interviews, assessment centres and training contracts I can’t stress enough how much we all appreciate it. User contributions are the driving force behind this website - the more we get, the better we get!

Please post your interview questions! :slight_smile:


…the Eversheds profile has been updated with a little bit more info. Interesting to know that Eversheds nickname is “The Shed” amongst trainees.

Also it’s worth pointing out that their graduate training scheme recruitment process can be rather eratic! Last year it seems that all the TC and Vac scheme applications were lost when their HR system suffered meltdown. Also applicants should be prepared for those emails that don’t make sense - such as rejection emails during your [[Vacation Placement]] and invitations to interview after you’ve already been rejected… woops!