Even worth applying?


I’m looking to get some opinions on whether it’s worth my time filling out graduate scheme applications considering my academic performance, which is:

A levels - Business Studies [B], General Studies [B], Economics [C], Computing [E].

AS levels - Politics [A]

2.1 degree from Brunel University in Business Management with Marketing.

Experience wise, I did a year’s placement at a media comms firm (Starcom).

So is it even worth applying at places like Schroders (Distribution), Accenture, UBS, BAE, Barclays etc. or will I just not get past the first stage?



Being a recent graduate and in a similar position to yourself, my advice is APPLY. Although the arduous task of filling out several applications is daunting to say the least, its all a numbers game - the initial stages of recruitment are about how good you look “on paper” and hence I pin it down to academic performance (which you have!) and LUCK. Thereafter it is upto you to charm them at the interview stage. (I can think back to university applications, where a friend was rejected from both UCL and LSE but managed to get into Stanford) Its extremely confusing to second guess an employer’s mentality!
Simple probability would say apply to as many as possible, the more you apply to the better the liklihood of getting offers.


If in doubt always apply! You dont know unless you try and find out!