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Hi everyone! We are [ ESCP Europe Business School] and have just joined the forum. Our dedicated careers service assists students with their search for a professional internship, a compulsory part of their postgraduate studies at ESCP Europe. We thought we would share our advice on surviving an interview – hope you all find it useful!

It’s no a secret that no matter how great your career record is to date, the employment interview remains an important step towards fulfillment of your ambitions. Here are some negative factors to watch out for. Remember, your potential employer will be evaluating these alongside positive attributes:

  • Obvious ones: poor personal appearance, lack of preparation for interview or condemnation of your past employer
  • Limp handshakes are bad, but also avoid overbearing and aggressive ones as they suggest a superiority complex!
  • Lack of confidence/maturity/courtesy and failure to look interviewer in the eye
  • Lack of planning for career – no purpose or goals
  • Lack of interest and enthusiasm for the company or role
  • Over-emphasis on money and persistent attitude of ‘what can you do for me’?

Remember, you are being interviewed because they want to hire someone like you, so remain confident and know why you want the job without having a ‘know-it-all’ manner.

Please let us know what you think or if you would like any further advice. We’d love to hear your personal tips, too!

Ksenija (
[ ESCP Europe Business School]


Hello. I’m considering applying for an MA. Are there any tips you can give specific for interviews at Business schools? Do candidates applying for courses at ESCP have face to face interviews or just have to make applications?



Hi. Thanks for your response!

At [ ESCP Europe] we require candidates to submit an application form, which has to be filled out fully and thoughtfully. Answers to the questions will usually help us understand more about your background, multicultural experience and career plans. We also require candidates to submit degree certificates and grade transcripts that will be helpful in evaluating your academic achievements.

If that is all successful, applicants are invited to attend a personal interview with a faculty member, complete SHL verbal and mathematical reasoning skills, and sit a language test specific to the chosen programme locations, including English, French, Italian, Spanish, and German (if a candidate chooses to study in a local language while on one of our European campuses). Personal interviews are an essential part of the application process and help assess the candidate’s motivation and ability to succeed on the programme.

We do not usually require [[What is the GMAT?|GMAT]] unless a candidate is unable to attend interviews on-campus in exceptional circumstances, such as employment outside of Europe or distance from the campus in question (this is only applicable to some of our programmes).

I hope this helps, but please do let me know if you need any further information.

Ksenija (
[ ESCP Europe Business School]


Hi Ksenija, thanks!

Wondering about the MBA specifically (I think I’m right - you teach the MBA at ESCP?) do candidates need to have the GMAT to apply for this?



You usually need to have taken GMAT exams and have your results to apply for MBAs. ESCP is one of the highest rated European business schools so I imagine this would be necessary.


Hi guys

At [[ESCP Europe Business School|ESCP Europe]] we don’t offer a full-time MBA but we have Executive MBA for which we don’t require GMAT. The main requirements are:

  • 5 years of relevant professional experience
  • Bachelor’s degree (although in certain exceptional cases, the selection committee will accept candidates who do not have these qualifications, but hold a high-level position)
  • English language certificate for non-native English speakers. Waiver is only given to candidates who have either worked or studied for at least 2 years in an English speaking country

For more information, please [ visit our website].

Delphine, if you are looking for something on a postgraduate level, our Master in European Business can provide a good transition into the business world. The course is accredited by the Asocciation of MBAs in the Masters in Business and Management and curriculum includes various aspects of management and business. Moreover, the course is taught in two countries during 1 year and includes company consultancy projects and a 3-month compulsory internship, allowing easier transition into the job market. If interested, have a look at the further information [ on our website]. We do not require GMAT for entry, unless a candidate cannot be present at the personal interview due to exceptional circumstances. All our candidates hold SHL verbal and mathematical reasoning test during the admissions. Check out their website ( for sample tests.

Let me know if there are any further questions.



Hi Delphine,

We have been reviewing our admission requirements for the Master in European Business and starting with the September 2010 entry, we will be asking candidates to submit their GMAT scores.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.



Hello. I am considering to go for a MSc in marketing and creativity in Jan 2014 at ESCP europe. I hence took note that selected candidates are required to undertake an interview plus a particular test (which does not necessitate any preparations as stated on their web-site).

I would however appreciate if you could provide me some more details about that specific test.

Thank you in anticipation.