Errors in numerical test 2 on WikiJob


I may be mistaken but there are some errors in the second numerical test on the site.

A workshop has three operators for each skill level. What is the maximum difference possible for the number of gears produced per hour?
The question is not clear. Answer does only account for hobbing and milling machines being used for production. It’s obvious that using the CNC machines will leave skill level 1-3 operators unemployed. Still the question should be formulated differently imo.

All questions about household B electricity consumption display the wrong Electricity price per kWh in the chart (should be 20 rather than 5)

One question (can’t remember which one) regarding the Paper and Pulp Suppliers displays the wrong graph (Oil consumption chart instead of Paper and Pulp suppliers)


Thanks for spotting this tzunami!

I’ll take a look at this and get back to you in this thread.