Ernsty & Young Pre-employment checks



I recently was accepted into the EY grad scheme starting in September this year. I was wondering what the pre-employment checks were? I have nothing to hide, and assume they will check references etc. There was space to input two references on the contract, so I assume they will check these two (one academic and most recent job). Will they ask for older employers? If so, I need to get in touch with them which may be awkward! They also said something about a medical questionnaire, anybody know what this is about? If anybody has been through the process I would really appreciate you explaining to me what exactly happens!

PS, will be happy to respond to anyone wanting to know about the EY Assessment Centre, although its already well covered on other forum threads.




Most employers ask for two refs so cannot imagine they need any more. You’ve given one academic and one employer, recent. Sounds fine and in line with what most grads do.
PwC medical questionnaire was fairly standard so imagine EY will be too.
Usual questions about your general state of health and fitness (yep including things like exercise, drinking, smoking,eyesight, disablities, chronic illnesses, any ops, etc etc.) No lying!! Very bog standard.
Calm down. You’ve got the job. Well done Fantastic offices too, if it’s London.
The worst bit of joining big 4 especially PwC (who have loads of FTSE 250 clients) is that you have to declare all shareholdings in client firms then sell them before you join.


Hi Harry18,

congrats on getting the offer!

I wonder if you can shed some light on the first interview with E&Y.

types of questions and how was the environment…

hope to hear


Hey London,

Yep sure!

First interview lasted about an hour. It was made up of random questions, some of which are similar to what you’d expect (i.e. what motivates you, are you good in a team, can you lead as well as follow etc etc), basically what you read about in the competency based section on wikijob. However, there were some stranger questions, such as should there be more hours in the day and what gets you up in the morning, are you better at theory or applying theory in practice (I said the latter, theory seems irrelevant to me if it can’t achieve something tangible at the end of it). I was told that each question has a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer (not necessarily a correct answer, but your definitive opinion) and then you have justify yourself using an example or your general life experiences.

I found it difficult to prepare, there was none of the usual 'why EY, why your department, tell me a time when you jumped over a mountain etc etc! It was mainly your opinion and ability to put together a logical argument and have an interesting conversation with somebody from EY (my interviewer was a senior manager, NOT a partner at this stage). Environment was relaxed, felt almost informal at times. I actually really enjoyed it, felt a lot more engaging than the usual treadmill of repeating questions.

I hope this helps, if you need to know anything else I can try to help, has the interview about 3months ago so little vague so I’m sorry about that!

Just be engaging and show you can get along with a senior EY employee and form some unique/original ideas that have some justification and logical reasoning behind them and I think you’ll be fine.

Hope it goes well, good luck!



Thanks a ton Harry,

i hope to contact you with questions on AC, also, I hope to see you in sep 2010 in one of the London offices.

good luck


Congratulations Harry18!!!

I will soon have an AC for EY summer internship. Could you share your experience of EY AC this year? Someone says EY AC has completed changed this year and is much more complex; others say EY AC is not changed and is similar to what it was like before, i.e. consisted of 3 parts: a group discussion, an interview…I can’t remember what they said the 3rd part was…-_-’’

Btw, is AC for summer internship the same as the one for graduate scheme?

I really want to get this internship…any advice or experience will be deeply appreicated!!! Also, feel free to PM me!!