Ernst & Young vs Deloitte - Which one to choose


Hello everyone,

Which firm would you choose between Ernst & Young and Deloitte?

The criteria I’m looking at:

  • learning/development opportunities
  • atmosphere in the company
  • variety of the client base (i.e. high reliance on public sector and utilities or also industry, consumer goods, etc)
  • percentage of travel required (in an ideal world, would prefer to be on assignment in London)
  • salary package (I’ve read other forum posts), so I guess I have so background info on that one
  • possibility of progressing upwards in the company

Thanks in advance for your comments !


Did you come to a conclusion btw? I can’t contribute to your question but would like to know what peoples views are. I’ve only interviewed at Deloitte; very nice people and company all round. Got E&Y next week.


I personally would say E&Y, but in terms of status for consulting Deloiite far outranks E&Y. From a personal perspective i didnt like my partner interview in the AC as she was very rude and uninterested, and this has impacted on my judgement. Just curious Logik wat position are you applying for? and what is your starting date? (for E&Y)


Position: IT Advisory (Grad Scheme), start date would be Sept 2010. Haven’t had interview yet.


Well good luck mate, it would be good if you could post your experience here once you have had any interviews, just so that others can get help.


In the end, I chose Deloitte for several reasons:

  • they looked more ‘professional’ and organised. I felt that there was no clear direction or strategy in EY regarding how to address new clients. Regarding the practice itself, they seem lack structure and methods (they openly told me they were sort of copying Accenture of Deloitte’s methods and tools).
  • EY’s consulting arm relies heavily on public sector. Most of their contracts or clients are this area according to the partner I talked to. Given the latest annoucements in the Budget, I wouldn’t consider public sector as having a lot of growth potential. On the other hand, Deloitte are much more diversified in terms of clients and sectors.

According to I saw/discussed, there are also positive sides to EY:

  • their open-mindness (they seem to be quite open to new ideas and entrepreneurial initiatives)
  • their consulting practice is ramping up from very low, so it’s a good time to comme and grow within the organisation.

But may be what made the difference is that a partner in Deloitte called me several times to convince me to come. So if you feel that one of the two really wants you, it always helps.

By the way, I’m in the IT advisory arm, now starting end of August.


Congratulations therethere. I completely see your point about a company wanting you. Deloitte seem to care a lot more and deal with you very quickly. E&Y have so far taken their time. I already have another offer pending, and I’d take E&Y over my other offer but the way it’s going at the moment the time I have left to decide will approach faster than the outcoem of my E&Y application.

Thanks for highlighting the above regarding E&Y’s client sectors. I’m doing some research here, will post again following my interview.


I’m in the same boat.
I have assessment centres with EY, Deloitte and KPMG coming up in the next 2 weeks and so far I have been most impressed with Deloitte.
I’m still unsure which I would choose (that’s if I get through any of them!) but from what I have seen Deloitte have been very timely in their communications. I had to wait over 2 months to hear back after my EY interview. For Deloitte it was less than a week.
Also I was interviewed by an HR employee at EY, whereas I was interviewed by my would-be manager at Deloitte and KPMG. Something that was very helpful especially at the end of the interview when I was asking them questions!
Any further discussion into this is really appreciated!