Ernst & Young Questions


What was the last activity you completed that took you out of your comfort zone?
(150 words max)

Describe a time when you have contributed to motivating a team?
(150 words max)

Describe how you have applied something that you have learnt to make a practical difference.
(150 words max)

Describe a situation where you took responsibility without being asked.
(150 words max)

Describe the last time you delivered a task that required sustained effort.
(150 words max)


From the graduate job application?


yepppppp…can u help?


These are your personal experiences that you have to write about. No one can do it for you. All the examples have to be drawn from your university or work experince situations.


wt kind ov experience can i talk about for each 1? im really confused…a rough idea will help…plz!


omg some ppl work there asses doing these questions…go do it yourself!!! you arent going to find any help here…if you cant answer th equestionjs on the app form, what are you going to do in an interview???..


Yeah… we’re not here to answer your questions for you! This is a discussion forum.

If you want help with your application WikiJob offer a job [[application form reviewing]] and editing service, so go check that out.

Also, see this article [[competency based interview]].


Waw, what a tension in this thread!