Ernst & Young - Oh Happy Day, oh this is terrible


Even worse than PwC’s videos


are they emploees? drummer as well? funny!


It’s truly cringe worthy. Maybe worse.


I don’t believe that. I’m now in a state of shock and am not sure if I will be able to focus on anything correctly for the rest of the day. It seems funny but, in reality, it is very very upsetting, distressing and sad.


I just watched the whole thing. I feel sick.

These were my favourite bits!..

Intro - Opening quote “It ‘’‘was’’’ a happy day”
0.22 - Ginger lanky man dancing - funny!
0.34 - Asian woman appears to have diarrhea
0.36/37 - Strange man conjures up magic
1.50 - They actually “Break it down” (oh, God)
3.00 - First black person makes appearance… in monochrome.
4.08 - People are tired. Everyone sits down
4.10 - Then they stand up!


:S I’m glad I didn’t apply there…


Well, it is nearly 10 years old! Did they only employ white people in those days???
What is the current video like?


Try this one!


Or even better!!