Ernst & Young Numeracy Test


Hey guys,
Was just wondering if anyone had gone through the numeracy test for EY and if so do you know roughly what the pass rate is. I just completed mine and only answered about 14-15 questions and not sure how many of those were right! I guess its all in God’s hands now! Also was wondering if theres a verbal test that has to be done. They wasnt any talk about it in my email but thought maybe those that pass the numeracy have to go on to do the verbal.

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Did you see [[Ernst & Young interview Questions]]? They do the tests based on percentile rather than a pass mark- so if you come in e.g. the top 30% you’re in with a chance. It’s not too difficult to pass these tests and they consider that not everyone is a mathematician when they test you.


is there any practice tests that are similiar to the E&Y numerical one? I know they use GTIOS testing but I cant find any practice ones for them. I would really like to get an idea of the type of questions they ask…Thank you


The WikiJob [[numerical reasoning|numerical reasoning test]] isn’t a million miles off that type of test. Have a look - [[numerical reasoning|here]].


Thank you very much!


I have a horrible feeling I completely cocked up BUT I think the portal died at the end - it said for about ten minutes that it was processing and then I got chucked out of my internet cafe (obv can’t do the forms at work)… Has anyone else had a similar problem where the window doesn’t close? My track progress thing keeps inviting me to take the test… Have email Liz Noble, but still, anyone…?


I have a question of Numerical test.

IF exchange rate of A to B is x, which means x A = 1 B.

Is that right?


well i guess they mean A:B=x:1 so it is A=BX.


Hi sjoh2538
Did you manage to pass the test??
I understand that its percentile system, but any intelligent guess about how many question need to be corrected to get an interview?


i have the eY numeracy paper based test soon…
and i have no idea what to expect… have any off you taken it? is it harder than the online test? how can i pass it?



I have the EY numerical test soon as well. Has anyone gone through the test tell me how many questions in total? Is it very similar to the online test? Is it designed by SHL or Kenexa?

Thank you very much.



I heard, that there will be 32 questions to complete in 35 minutes. Test will not be easy i guess…


At the AC where you sit the paper based test there is 32 questions in 35 minutes. It is an SHL test.
The question can relate to two or more graphs. Just watch your time and try and work fast!
I found it really difficult but i still got through.


How do you know its GTIOS? It’s PSL