Ernst & Young First Interview


Hi guys and girls,

I know there are a fair few threads on EY interviews, but they are all from last years intake or before. I was wondering if anyone had had an interview for the 2010 intake and if there is much of a difference in the types of questions asked? I have an interview tomorrow, so would be good to know if the format has changed at all! Any info would be very much appreciated.

I’m going for audit in the London office.




Unfortunately, I can’t help as I’m not sure, but just wanted to say nice one on getting the interview - EY have been rejecting applicants left-right and center as far as I’m aware! Have you had an internship with them before or anything?


No I didn’t do an internship or anything, so I guess I got lucky! Where have you been hearing about the rejections?


Well I wouldn’t say luck! On other forums I’ve heard a fair few people getting reected straight at application stage, and I’ve had first hand experience too!


i screwed up the online test! damn…


Hey breadhead,

Hope the interview went well! What was the format like, was it competency based?
I have my first interview with E&Y for the 2010 audit intake in a few days. So any tips would be cool.


Yeah it was fairly competency based, although the questions were not as straight forward as just " tell me about a time when…". At the start I was told that I should give examples for the questions I was answering e.g. when asked “would your friends say you were organised?” don’t just say yes, but explain why they might say that and what you actually do to keep yourself organised.

Some that I can remember are below, although there were many more, around 30 in total:

What do you do when you find a task boring?
How do you make sure you always do your best?
What have you contributed to a team to help their success?
Would your friends describe you as organised?
Tell me about a company/brand you admire, and what question would you ask them?
Why audit?

I went through other posts on this board and what people have said about interviews in the past, if you can answer those, and you are happy about applying your examples to a number of situations, I’m sure you will be just fine.

There were no real commercial awareness questions, and no why EY either. There was time to ask Q’s at the end and the interview lasted about an hour in total.

Thats all I can really think of right now, if I remember anymore I will add them.

Good luck.


I have mine coming up, any more questions or tips, guys?!?!?!


mine is quite similar with Breadhead mentioned above

so, prepare well before you go…that will be fine


Hi guys, I have an interview with the Risk Advisory group in EY. Does anybody have this experience and what questions can i use to practice.
I understand there with be a case question and a written test. Would the case be more business case or technical. Anything would help guys. Thanks.


First interview should only be interview lol, no test …


Actually this is my 2nd round,…office visit.


Hi Fishy,

2nd round should be the assessment center

if you case it is, the case in assessment center will be a business case

hopefully my answer is clear and helpful


Thanks…I actually think it works differently, i believe this a UK centered forum. i am in the US.




hey guys,

has anyone had experience of a partner interview this year by any chance with EY? If so, please could you share thoughts,

I have one coming up in the near future so just wondering…



Hi guys, I am having my first round interview with EY next week and I applied to Actuarial life insurance…have anyone been to the interview for an actuarial position before? some ppl say it is competency based and some say strength based…i’m getting confused…would it be the same as what was mentioned above for the audit? can i have some sample questions and are there any particular tricky questions that you can remember?
really appreaciate your help here!


Hi Elise4499,

I’ve been to one and I can confirm that it is a strength based interview. You should expect approximately 30 questions from the interviewer. You can safely use example questions posted on other threads for your preparation as it reflects accurately of the questions that I had with E&Y. Hope this helps and best of luck to you.



Thanks for your help Gaiden. Did you apply to Actuarial Life as well? what’s the outcome? u got thru aseessment centre?
elise x


No problem.

Yes, I applied for the same position as you but unfortunately I didn’t get through. I was expecting a competency based interview but it was strength based. Gutted that I didn’t double check on Wiki.