Ernst & Young (EY) Assesment Centre


Hi, I was just wondering whether anyone has had an EY assessment centre yet? I have one coming up and am finding it near impossible to get any information on what to expect! the website is not very informative… I applied for business advisory PIC. Any thoughts would be appreciated x


hi ribena,
im in exactly the same position as you except my ive applied for audit and mine is tomorrow. I dont have a clue what to expect, and your right the website is shocking in terms details given! which office have you applied to?


iv applied to london, what about you? i guess the reason we get no info could be because you cant really prepare?! i kind of felt that way in the first interview… really good luck tomorrow though, hope it goes well!


Hi Ribena, Luue

How is your AC ? anyway, best wished for you

Mine is coming next week, would you mind to give some advice?



Hey ribena, jancelyn

Ribena - thanks for the PM asking how my AC went and sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I’ll post on here so others can benefit too…

Okay, I applied to the Manchester office for Audit UKI and my AC was held here too on Thurs. There were four of us in total and 3 EY staff “looking after us”. Two other guys had applied to diff offices but had the AC here because it was the only one coming up any time soon. Anyways in short, I gota call today afternoon to tell me I made it thru to the final partner interview. Im chuft to say the least - the wait was killing me!

About the actual day - it started at 9:30 approx and went on till 3pm. I would ask you guys to refer to the thread “The New EY Assessment Centre” in your wiki search. It is spot on in terms of how the day pans out and was a big help to me right at the end when I spotted it! Jonny gives a great description of the tasks. Every single task is the same except for the numercial task at the end - you have the team meeting, phone call, and two case studies which are mentioned in that thread so have a look!

The test has changed big time though, its no longer a 35 min num test but 3 tests 6 mins each covering verbal, num and diagrammatic of which I final the last one hardest! Right, a word of advice, I thought I actually completely messed up the tests and was convinced I hadnt past but I still got thru, so keep your head up even if you feel its gone bad. Each test is 8 questions in 6 mins.

Everything else was the same as last year though, and the EY staff were so friendly, they really helped you to relax, did not feel like you were being assessed at all!

Biggest advice - you cant prepare for anything other than the research exercise really so dont worry, but biggest challenge is the time limit for the two case studies, you need to work fast but they dont expect a perfect piece of work, they know your time pressured!

So the day lasted round 5 hrs 30 mins but time flies, and as I say I got the call the day after to tell me Id gone thru!To the partner interview now! If anyone can help me please do!

If you have any questions, I’d gladly answer them

Good luck with your AC’s guys and jancelyn, where have you applied to and for what service line??

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luue, firstly congratulations are in order for getting through, well done! from what iv read almost everyone gets through partner interview so dont be too nervous :slight_smile: i feel reassured now you’ve said there is nothing much we can do to prepare, guess il just have to see how it goes! but do you have any tips ie how did you tackle some of the exercises as clearly you were doing the right thing! thanks again


Congulate firstly Luue

I applied London Advisory … i know, it will be a tough task…

they just gave the call to ask me join next Tues AC…so short notice

btw, the test you mentioned different is similar with the online test we did before, is it ?

What kind of software they used to record our case study ? just ‘Word’, ‘Notepad’ or some special test software?

sorry to ask so stupid question, just so nervous, and want to care every detail


jancelyn, im applying for the same but mines on friday, im surprised they gave you such little notice! have you prepared the research yet? good luck!



I hv no exact idea of this pre work…i just received this work 3 hours ago

we could share some idea, if you don’t mind

I sent you the pm



Jancelyn, don’t worry about the short notice beacuse all you can do to prepare is the research they give and the weekend is more than enough for that. The test is not the same as the online, I think its more difficult as you only have 6 mins to do 8 questions, but again, dont worry too much cus I had a shocker in the tests Im sure and I still made it, as long as you balance it out by doing good in the other tasks u’ll be okay! The case study write-ups are in Word nothing else so standard stuff! And there not stupid questions lol I understand your nerves but if u can u need to relax, u’ll be at your best that way!

ribena - Time management is the best advice even though I didnt really use it too well. The team meeting is the team meeting - enough said standard group exercise, get involved make good points etc. the phone call task is easy but strange lol, just think of ways to give constructive feedback, see the thread I told you - good points in there! The case studies I guess youve just got to read the material as soon as and try n write as much up as you can but once again, its not diffciult material its just the time limit so get enough down n u’ll be fine guyz!!


hey luue - thanks for that info, also you know the thread you told me, _jonny also started a new thread about his partner interview and loads of others have shared their experiences so have a look if you havent already! final question i promise… im just trying to do my research for the group task, and understand the main focus is how to present the info, just to clarify does that mean things like how to structure the presentation and what points to include or am i missing the point?! thanks again



Yeah I’d already seen that thread and it is very helpful but I suppose at the end of the day, it really does depend on who you get interviewin you!

With regards to the presentation, it means exactly that, the way u structure it and which sections your gonna have etc. U’ll have to discuss the issue beforehand and then put it together, so decide what u think are the main points with the rest of the group and include both sides of the argument etc. It really isnt hard though.

Hope that helps ribena, good luck with it, im sure you’l be okay!


Hey all,

Could someone please comment on the online abilities test! I have to do it in the next day or two and have never done them before. Do they test all 9 sections offered in the practice session? Are they the same level of difficulty? How many questions/time? I would really appreciate it!




I just backed from AC. but I believe I have nothing to contribute here…as Jonny and Luue have described everything in their thread.

If you have some specific questions, I am glad to answer.


Hello people,

I was just wondering, for you that had ACs in London, was the partner interview on the same day?
Thanks guys.


hi guys,

I had my 1st round for FS audit London, on the 11th of Nov and waiting to arrange an assessment centre, any1 else got an assessment centre coming up? btw regarding the group discussion does every group member get the same info, or is it different from one person to another. Also apart from the material ur given prior to attending the assessment centre, do u get more instructions on the group discussion once u start the activity?

cheers guys


Hi everyone,

I’ve just completed the recruitment process for audit, and there really isn’t an ounce of info that you cant find on this website already.
Thank you to everyone who’s contributed.



Are the online tests particular difficult? I have practiced lots, but I did fail the test for KPMG a couple of weeks ago so I am a little anxious about taking Ernst & Young’s test as I don’t want to fail?!


The ey tests are much easier than the kpmg ones. U get 8 questions for the verbal part in 6 mins, followed by 8 questions of math and 8 questions for the logic part. It’s pretty easy, so u shud b ok. .
Tests come after one another, and u have to do it in one go. No time in between, so keep that in mind.
Good luck m8!


does anyone know how long you have to accept an offer from EY? Roughly?