Ernst Young (E&Y) 2012 Joiners


Hi everyone!

Congratulations on all your offers, I got a call Friday night (an hour after I’d left my partner interview) to offer me a place in Pensions Actuary in Leeds.

Just wondering, for those of you who’ve received your contracts, how long do they give you to decide whether to accept the offer or not? I’ve still got a couple of live applications that I’d like to complete before making up my mind, but some of my assessment centres aren’t till late November! But then again I’m also very aware that I might not get offers from other firms so wouldn’t want to wait to long to let EY know incase I end up with nothing :S

Very excited!!! xx


21 days from receipt of the contract


Hey All,

Congrats on receiving an offer! I have an offer from EY and PwC both for audit, but cant decide between the two…

Any suggests at all???


Hi everyone, congrats on your offers!

Is anyone joining Audit Aberdeen? I got an offer yesterday!


What was your partner interview like at Aberdeen?
I have it coming up this week, did they ask any commerical awareness or just based on the assessment centre and then the opportunity to ASk the director questions?


Hi there,

The partner I had at Aberdeen was really nice. She started the interview by telling me about herself, about what they do at EY and at the Aberdeen office (all about oil and gas). I would have a look at the Wood Group PSN merger last year. It was a huge merger that the Aberdeen Office was involved with.

She then asked me about myself, my university and course etc. She also asked how I thought the assessment centre went, if there was anything I would have done differently. She then talked about the strengths that I had demonstrated at the AC and asked me to give examples of when I use these strengths in the past.

I wasn’t asked anything about commercial awareness or any recent business issues. The partner was the only person I talked to on the day of the interview. As far as I’m aware there is no opportunity to talk to a director to ask questions. But you are able to ask the partner interviewing you as many questions as you’d like. She actually gave me her card, in case I had any other questions for her after the interview.

Hope thats of help. Good luck!



That definitely helps me out a lot, put my mind at ease. I’m still going to prepare like crazy though I’ve finished all my research now, got some recent examples, swatted up on the current financial crisis etc. And prepared some questions to ask the exec director who my interview is with

How long did it last? and how long did they take to get back to you, was it a phone call etc?

Do they specifically ask why Aberdeen, because I literally live miles and miles away from there? I have got an answer prepared butttt

I will let you know how it went when I get a response! Literally going to be driving for 16 hours in one day :\


Reading Audit 2012 for me


Hi guys congrats on your offers. I will be in fs assurance. Does anyone know if there is a sign on bonus as it’s not in the contract but I heard previous years received one.


Sorry my reply is late, I hope you’ve not had your interview all ready. I prepared like that as well, but to be honest. I wasn’t asked anything on it. But it’s always good to have it in the bag just in case.

My interview lasted like 1hr 15mins or so. I was told that the would get back to me on the next Monday (my interview was a Friday). I actually didn’t hear anything til Tuesday because the partner was off ill on the Monday and yeah, it was a phone call.

I was asked about why Aberdeen. I said because of the size of clients that I’d be working with (BP etc), also I said that I am independent, I moved away from home for uni, spent 2 summers working in America and I’m just about to go traveling for 7 months, so moving away from home wasn’t going to be a problem. I also said I had friends in Aberdeen.

Hope that’s of help and I’m not too late. Just remember it’s more of a chat, the partner wants to find out about you as a person and you’re personality. Just stay relaxed and be yourself and I’m sure you’ll be fine. Let me know how you get on.


Hi that’s fine… Had my partner interview on the Wednesday and they called Friday morning to let me know I’ve got the job! woooooooooow

My interview was quite short like 50minutes, just a quick few questions about my strengths, my short term/medium term/ long term goals, any challenges I will face if I got the job, and just generally talking about more strengths, weaknesses and how I can work on them. And then I had the opportunity to ask the partner questions- that was the longest part, but I wasn’t talking so was fine by me!

But the partner was really nice, it was just a chat really.

Have you received your offer letter / contract or anything yet? I only received the call on Friday and they said they would send it in the post and online soon.

Have you joined that facebook group?, so far there is only me and one other guy at the Aberdeen office lol
I think its called EY graduate starters 2012 or something


Human Capital Tax London 2012



I got my offer yesterday for the Cambridge ofifce! How long did people wait till receiving the e-mail? And did this contain a version of the contract??




I got my offer yesterday for the Cambridge ofifce! How long did people wait till receiving the e-mail? And did this contain a version of the contract??



.Hello everyone,

Tomorrow I have the interview for finance and accounts at bangalore. I am bit nervous. Can anyone tell me about the questions which i can expect? How many rounds will be there? Will there be a written test as well?
Please help.


hello everyone,

have you all get the online Strengths Assessment?? it’s new to me, i haven’t take this kind of test before. could you please give me some information about this test??? is there anything i need to aware of? or any practice i could do??

Thanks so much


Hey guys, almost only a month now until most of us start!

Is anybody else working in Human Capital Tax, London?


Hey guys starting at EY London on 1st of October. Going to working in audit (TMT).
What areas of London are people staying in?
Also any ideas what the first week will be like?