Ernst & Young Corporate Finance (TAS) Programme


Does anybody have any experience of this, the prospects and opportunities in the future? Is it worth while doing the CFA ontop of the ACA qualification? Is this a good career path?

Would appreciate any comments or advice.


That would be intense… The CFA is pretty demanding and has 3 levels which takes place over 3 years. I’d go for the ACA for a year, see how it goes, and if you think you can take on more work then try the CFA. I don’t think it’s realistically possible given the hours you work in Corp Fin. The prospects of CF (TAS) are very good though, plenty of opportunity to move around into more lucrative into fields after your contract, such as IBD and the like.


Thanks Logik, do you think it we make me more employable to a IBD or PE tho? Can I ask your background and experiences? Do you have any experience or Corp Fin at E & Y?


I’d be surprised if you could manage the CFA and the ACA – the ACA is extremely intensive, and if you’re working in an advisory division, you’re not going to have a lot of free time for your CFA studies after work. CFA is geared towards Investment Management – no IBDers have to do the CFA, it’s all PWM/Asset Man/Inv Man in Banks. Whilst it’s always going to help your CV, as it’s a stellar qualification – it’s not particularly pertinent and is going to be near impossible to manage with the ACA. Also, as ACA results are published, it’s better to smash them and then you’ll get more of a look-in with banks.


Oh and KPMG all the way for CF!!!


I have no idea about ACA but the CFA level 1 is not difficult.