Ernst & Young Audit London



Got an offer today for Audit UK&I London, was just wondering who else got an offer for a position in London and who I may be working with?

WIll be good to hear from you!

Hope you’re all well,



Hey man
Yeah I got an offer for Audit UK&I London office about a month ago, for sep 2013.


Good lad, congrats mate. Have you specified which area you would like to work in?


How do you specify which area you want to work in?


Cheers mate, same goes for you. Looking forward to working with you.
I didn’t know we had to specify the area at this stage :confused: how do we do that

Btw, where’re you from ? and what uni ?


Well I was told by my cousin who is currently 1st year audit at EY that we should let graduate recruitment know where we would like to work, it’s not guaranteed, but if they can, they will facilitate it. Obviously Audit is Audit though, so when you’re down to the nuts and bolts it won’t make a difference, just depends if you have an interest in a particular sector/clients.

I’m actually working in the City at the moment as a business analyst, have been working for almost 2 years now. But previous to that I did an Investment Banking degree, and a Banking and Finance masters.

How about yourself? Are you straight out of uni? …Man I miss those days…!


Thats awesome (Y)
What made you switch to Auditing ?
EY is gonna be coming to my uni soon so I can ask em then.
I’m actually still at uni, will be starting my final year at Warwick University this october. Studying Accounting and Finance. So I hope I get the 2:1 they want, lol


Hello B987,

Were you part of the assessment day in London on the 28th? If so I may have met you :slight_smile: . I just got accepted for FS audit and I’m soooooo excited. Can’t wait for my contract.



I got my offer back in july, 23rd i think.

Congrats on the offer mate :slight_smile:


Hashmi - I just fancied a change, plus ACA obviously opens many doors, so thought it would be a good plan. WIll be strange to start off at the bottom again, but will need to be done! I’m sure you’ll get the 2.1 minimum, if you done well in your 2nd year it should be a doddle (2nd year is definitely the hardest year, well in my experience anyway, 3rd year was straight forward!)

Dino - No my assessment centre was on the 23rd, so last week. Congrats on the offer! I actually asked to switch to FS, but they said I would need to take the partner interview again, and now that I got the offer don’t want to take that risk! But hopefully I will get put in Oil Gas & Mining, they got a few good clients in that area.



Sorry B987 I meant to say the 23rd, my interview was on the 28th. I’m not sure whether you remember me but I was the girl going for a grad scheme rather that an internship (to other people reading this there were only 2 girls in the group). Oil and gas should be fascinating though, I would have chosen that route if not FS. Anyway EY seem to be pretty flexible with career options so if you really wanted to change later on I’m sure you could do a secondment-type-thing within FS. Either way I would like to re-emphasise that I’M SO EXCITED to have been accepted by EY! x


Ahh ok, yea I remember, will send you a PM x


got an offer for 2013 start as well!!!


Congrats! Which service line? I just looked on the website and most are now closed to applications! I’m so glad I got in early. We did good :slight_smile:


Guys, should we create a facebook group for the 2013 joiners ? :slight_smile:


Good idea, if someone can create one - I don’t want to incase someone from my current workplace see’s, but one of you guys definitely should!
But post the link on here!


btw guys, those who have sent their acceptance to EY, how does the references work ? I mean would EY collect references from the referees we listed in the graduate joiner form in the graduate offer pack closer to our date of joining ?



Starting september 2013 aswell in Audit! Have you all got your contract letters? I was given the offer a month back but am still waiting for the contract to come via post. Does anyone know what the procedure after the offer. Do we just accept the offer and sign the contract? Are there any other procedures after that?



Congrats on the offer. I would call the graduate recruitment team to find out where your contract is, there is nothing to worry about, but I found it speeds the process up if you call them and get them moving. I got my contract the day after I spoke to them.

When it comes all you have to do is sign the contract and fill in a form with a few details.


I was just waiting for the user ‘ZI’ to create the ‘Ernst & Young 2013 joiners’ group, as he came up with the idea on the other group, but he hasn’t responded lately.

Will just go ahead and create the group and paste the link here for you guys :slight_smile: