Ernst & Young 2013 offers


Hi, I had my assessment centre today for advisory role. Fortunately I cleared it. I found out within 1 hour. Just curious if anyone else has been offered a position as well.



Got my invitation to take the online tests today, I was just wondering if they’re the same format as previous years- by Saville Consulting and 8 questions in 6 minuets? Thanks.


Hey I got through my first round interview and have a Financial Services (Audit) Assessment centre coming up - is anyone familiar with these? Are they different to the UK&I ones? I’ve not been asked to prepare anything for it just to turn up (1 group exercise, 1 individual exercise, 1 testing session, 1 partner interview).



Hi Beerman,

Congrats on the offer.

Can you give me more details on what happens on the assessment centre.

Cheers Mate


@clarebear Not sure if it is Saville, but yes you have two sets of four questions, each with a three minute time limit.

I’ve been told I was successful with the tests and that they would be in touch - that was at the start of this week. How long does it usually take?

In terms of the other parts of the application process, I would be grateful if anyone could pm me with their experiences and any tips they may have!


Hi Amy, not quite sure of the starting salary. Still awaiting for my contract.

Ac was not really what I expected. GD for 20 mins, Writing report 15 mins, ability tests ( bit tougher), partner interview. Partner interview was quite tricky- questions around dodd frank act, basel 3, volcker rule i.e. more to do around current market condition. PM me if you got any specific questions.

Good Luck :slight_smile:



Hey man, I’ve got my AC with EY on monday (23rd) for assurance, graduate role. I’m freaking out !!!
Can you discuss ur AC day in detail esp the partner interview(What questions) and GD ?

And one confusion that i need to clear.

From what i heard from my friends who applied for internship last year said they were given a topic beforehand to research for GD.

But i didn’t get any topic for that in the email , nor on the telephone when my coordinator called me ?

Really need your help on this


Hey guys,

did my AC on Friday 20th July for Audit FS and got offered the job!

it was the following:

1 group exercise
1 individual exercise (sum up some info)
1 partner interview
1 psychometric test (verbal, numerical + diagramatic)

No preparation material is necessary :slight_smile: Just relax and enjoy!



Hey Boogie

BTW How long does each exercise take?



it’s approximately 50mins per exercise but is quite chilled. If you need a 5-10mins to chill between things they usually allow it (except between an exercise and the partner interview - that tends to be a more immediate transition).

As a general pointer by the way - ignore what people say about partner interviews. Mine was completely chilled out, and he spent more time advertising the position to me than actually asking me any questions; while someone else on the same day had a different interviewer and apparently got A LOT of technical questions asked of him.

The Partner interviews are highly variable and depend on the partner themselves I’m afraid - so just be up on your knowledge of the firm, current markets and what the job you’re applying for entails. Also if they do take a chilled approach, don’t take it as a trick - relax and make sure you don’t say anything absolutely stupid but just have a normal conversation with them :slight_smile:

Hope this helps,


Is the written exercise only 15mins long with the Group discussion being 20mins? Is it in the form of an email or memo to a colleague?

Thanks for all your help.



no it’s 50mins for the group exercise, 50 mins for the written exercise, 50 mins for psychometric tests and 50mins - 1 hour for the partner interview.

The written exercise in my experience is aimed at clients.




Congratulations of course! Just wondering what area you applied for within advisory?

Also this might be a stupid question but can anyone help me. I had submitted an application and it’s on review but I think I might like to switch areas and also switch from 2014 intake to 2013. But the problem is it says they only accept one application per year. If I withdraw the first one now before I potentially reach interview stage will the other one still be accepted?


Hi Boogie
Is the group exercise a group discussion or a presentation? what kind of written exercise did u get?


Got my first interview on friday, its face to face, I was just wondering what type of questions you guys got asked?


@ra11: group exercise is a discussion with a Q&A at the end (based on the material covered.

@clarebear: the questions are pretty much all competency based (without much of an exception)


Hi, I have got an interview coming up (phone), I am aware that it would be competency based.

Just wondering whether they are purely straight forward questions; ie. “tell me a time where you demonstrated leadership”? OR there will be situational questions as well? Or is there any other type?



Most of mine were competency based questions, not all of them directly asked for an example but it’s always good to throw them in there anyway! There was a mixture some were more straight forward than others. Two that I remember I got asked were ‘do people listen to you?’ and anther was ‘has there been a situation where you have done something differently a second time around?’ Apart from those there were the standard why this location, company, what do you know about the department your applying to etc. My interviewer was lovely, they put you at ease. Good luck!


As Clarebear says, it’s all quite simple and there’s not much to worry about. I got asked about my career ambitions and what I looked to get out of a place at EY but other than that no real market or industry questions just the competency stuff :slight_smile:

It’s a bit artificial but they do it to give everyone a level playing field (or that’s what they told me anyway haha)

Also glad your interview went well Clarebear :slight_smile: