Ernst & Young 2011 Advisory AC & Partner Interview


Hey guys, just wondering who has done any AC and partner interviews for the 2011 March entry of Advisory program? Mine is coming up soon…. Worried……….

In my email, E&Y said that it’s going to be an “AC and final interview”. I am not sure that if the “final interview” means the partner interview. HELP please!!!

Btw, is there any kind of “case-study” interviews in the process of AC (apart from those e-tray exercises)?

Thanks a lot!!!


Hey JackJing…I am also due to have my ACP AC and partner interview soon; mines for the Sep 2011 entry, did u have urs yet???


hey AWW!!
I also get the AC at 22 Oct 2010, and mine is also 09.2011 entry.
we will be in the same team for AC i think…


Sorry mate, I am only having my this Wednesday. I will get back to you ASAP.


does anyone know if the partner interview is on the same day as the AC :S
i have my AC in 2 days help needed quicly