Ernst and Young Partner interview success rate


Hi there. I just got the news that I passed the EY assessment center and have been invited for the final partner interview. Could anyone tell me about the general success rate for the partner interview and whether it is more of a formality or do many fail this stage? Thank you for your help :slight_smile:


As I mentioned in my post here ( the interviews are kind of a formality but don’t relax just yet!

I know one person who didn’t suceed, but it was because EY no longer needed more trainees in that location, not because he failed (the whole process was kind of mismanaged by EY). Basically if you’ve got this far and everything has gone smoothly it’s a chance for the partner to address any issues that have come up (be ready to talk about any difficulties or unusual things on your CV). They also want to make sure they can put you in front of clients so be presentable!

The rest depends on your service line and the partner. I would of course read up on any particular sectors that interest you, Google the partner’s name, look for any recent developments in your service line (the Financial Times was really helpful to me). You can steer the conversation so if you’re a bit vague on something don’t mention it or you might be grilled on it…

You’ve very nearly got there, so well done, it’s in the bag. Prepare as you would for a regular competency based interview, try to relax. You should get a call the next day from the interviewer telling you that you’ve got the job, hopefully. Fingers crossed!


Thanks alot for your reply, had the partner interview today and it was an amazing experience. He called back after a while and offered me the job. One of the happiest moments of my life :slight_smile:


Can I ask which roles did both of you apply to? I have applied for FS Audit in London and passed first interview but haven’t got a call to confirm the date for AC…


I applied for audit. I wrote up all my experiences in the thread here. . If it’s been more than a week maybe give them a call? Good luck! This is probably their busy time so a bit of a delay isn’t that big a deal.


I just wanted to share my experience with the partner interview. Like everyone said above… it very much depends on who your interviewer (partner) is? Mine was a very formal kind of person… really grilled me for some of my answers … Again follows same questions as above why EY? Why not other 3 of the big 4? Why Audit? etc… I havent heard back though he mentioned he would get back to me in 24 hrs … I am assuming i didnt succeed at this stage though fingers xxx


Hi johnny_1

have you heard back yet? I had my partner interview a couple of days ago now and I still haven’t heard back. Has anyone else experienced this? And if so what did they do to find out?


Did you guys hear back then?


hey guys, by the sounds of it the success rate is quite given you dont do anything stupid! any other tips? My interview is on thursday


Hey HLal, johnny_1 and jo blogs,
Firstly, i hope it all worked out for you at the partner interview stage and you were all successful! I have my final interview on Monday, any words of advice?

Thanks in advance guys!