Ernst and Young Paper Numerical Test


Hey , i have to do a paper numerical and verbal test for ernst and young next week, was just wondering would anyone know if the layout is the same as the online tests?? Thanks!


Hi Karen,

I’ve not done them, but I don’t think the layout is exactly the same. The online test is made by GTI, whereas the written test is by SHL. I’ve pasted the following from the wiki which is all I’ve managed to find out about the test so far, I hope it helps! If you take the test please come back and share the experience!

"The test is designed by SHL and consists of 35 questions in 30 minutes. It is unlikely you will finish the test, and the questions are challenging. Graduates with a mathematical background are sometimes exempted from the test. "

Ernst & Young Interview Questions - WikiJob


thanks a mill for that. i was just wondering about the verbal test whether it was just reading comprehension or something else because they told me that the test, both verbal and numerical would last 90min!! Dont really know why i have to sit the paper test when i already passed the online one and have a finance and maths background!!


You’d be surprised how many people fake the online tests + cheat… bit of a waste of time really cause if they can’t complete the online test (which is quite easy) they will stand no chance in training, which is miles harder.

It’s amazing how many people want to get into accountancy firms despite the fact they hate working with numbers!