Ernst and young interview for summer internship


Hi all

just wondering if the structure of interviews for summer internship is the same for actual graduate jobs?

i have an interview for audit in Birmingham with E + Y.

any feedback would be greatly appreciated




No I believe it’s a lot simpler- just one interview- a chat about your career aspirations, what you want to do, why you might want to work for [[Ernst & Young]], that sort of thing.


I have an interview next week for the rotation internship in Nottingham for Summer 2010. Wonder if anyone could give me any pointers as to what this will consist of? Will it be similar in content to the graduate interviews? Also, is there another test I have to do? Someone from Ernst and Young phoned me to invite me to interview yesterday, and said it would be about an hour and a half! It scared me a lot…

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!


Hey, yeah the structure of the first round interview is exactly the same as grad jobs…it will be a strength based interview…i have a partner interview coming up with EY, would anyone like to share their experiences?