Ernst and Young First Round Interview



Have an upcoming first round interview for the Advisory Consultant programme in London next week, has anyone been to one? And can remember any of the questions they asked, or just general tips!



Hi the99call,

Did you receive the interview invitation from them? I applied on 29th Aug for Risk Advisory and received an email stating I passed the psychometric test and my application now being reviewed. 4 days now and haven’t heard anything from them. On the graduate website, the London position turned black so a bit worried.
Would be appreciated to know how you are getting on mate.



Yeh got a phone call yesterday! But my application had been on hold for 2/3 weeks!


Hi guys,

I applied for the Advisory programme on the 20th of September and got an email saying my application has been put on hold till November! Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a chance that they reject me in November before even inviting me for an interview? I’ve tried calling the HR lots of times but it always goes to voicemail. They haven’t responded to my emails either.


Hi people,
yes, they can reject you at any time… it could even be just a delayed rejection. If there is no response form HR, I’d be worried. Well, hope for the best… I know people who have applied for audit have been rejected as places have been filled, or so they have been told.


Thanks for the reply! That’s not right at all. I applied early, so it’s not like the position had been filled as I submitted my application. I was just told that the applications will be reviewed after the deadline has passed (ie in November). It’s terrible if they reject people over this – It’s THEIR fault for not reviewing applications earlier. Furthermore, rather than a rejection, they should at least give the option to apply for another role instead…


I understood your problem very well. I know people who applied very early for audit, to be rejected later with a sudden email(after thinking they were still in process). I am just saying that you can never trust these HR people fully.

Furthermore, they should pick up the phone and answer emails. Not leave people hanging.

and radioactive, I hope you don’t get rejected in the end… I am not saying you will be…

As I see it, you can only wait now and hope for the best. And yes, some companies should behave in a more professional way when recruiting. Some even cancel interviews a day before you should have it… I have seen and heard a lot of bad stuff by now.

Still, hope it works out for you :slight_smile:



Thanks a lot. I really appreciate your response, and I agree with you - we can only hope for the best I guess. Hope all works out for you as well!


Yeah I applied early for Advisory programme, invited to tests, passed tests, got email saying my application was on hold till early November. Got a boilerplate rejection email today. No feedback available apparently. Really poor show, not impressed at all with EY HR!



Oh no! Sorry to hear that… That’s very unprofessional of them - you applied early and they “claim” they recruit on a rolling basis. Have you tried calling them for feedback? Very unimpressive on their part. Don’t give up and don’t let this discourage you!