Ernst and Young-First Interview


Hey guys, I have my first interview with EY coming up in the Newcastle office for auditing. I know there have been alot of contributions from people about what to expect in terms of questions but the majority of them seem to be from last year. So I was wondering if anyone has had any experience this year for the 2010 intake and whether they could remember any specific and perhaps unsual questions they were asked and whether there was any commercial awareness stuff for audit? Also, the aptitude tests I did for EY were by Saville consulting and I found them quite easy compared to the SHL ones I’ve done. I was wondering whether I’ll have to do a paper based test as I read somewhere else on wikijob that the paper based test is before the first round interview? Is it only certain people that are picked to do the paper based tests or are they at the AC and if so, are they saville consulting or SHL? Any help would be great, and good luck to anyone else who has an interview with E and Y! Tom


Hey, I had my first interview for audit about 3 weeks ago. I think it was the easiest interview I have had so far. The questions are all really similar from the ones on here from last year which I had learnt rough answers to, and I felt it was very much an assessment of my personality rather than what I knew.

I was asked some standard ones, then some odder ones like “do you think their are enough hours in a day?” “If you were at work and found your client had cancelled what would you do with the spare time?” “How do you make others feel confident about your abilities”.

I was asked some commercial awareness, but more like “what is a company you admire?” “If you could ask them a question what would it be”

I didn’t have a paper test at this stage, I had to re-sit one at the assessment centre though, so I’m 99% sure this isn’t relevant at this stage.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask!


have my aptitude test for tax graduate.what doesit entail.please bail me out…Anyone?


EY’s new online tests… any one have any idea how many out of 8 questions for every set (verbal, numerical and diagrammatic) do you need to be correct in order to pass… im pretty sure i got 8/8 correct for numerical but 6/8 for both verbal and diagrammatic tests… quite worried if i made it thru… tests aren’t that hard, its just the 3 minutes time limit per 4 question set…