Ernst and Young First Interview (Performance Improvement)


Has anyone done the first interview for EY graduate performance improvement? I would really appreciate any details on the questions I will be asked. I have seen plenty of examples for other streams, but not for Performance Improvement. Much appreciated!



As a follow up… has anyone already gone through the AC or received offers for the position? I received my interview invitation almost 3 weeks ago and I am now concerned as to whether there are still spaces available. Any comments would be greatly appreciated!!!



hey amik

i have interview coming up on monday for PI. any chance you could give me an idea of what to expect as i only got told yesterday about the interview on monday so its not like ive had tons of time to prepare.



I went through the process and received an offer a couple weeks ago.


I went through the process and received an offer a couple weeks ago.


I also have a telephonic interview today for the EnY Performance improvement scheme.
Would be great if you can advise me what was the structure of your interview and what were the kind of questions they asked you.



Hello together,

I am also interested in possible questions that will be asked during the 1st round interview (not telephone). Can I expect the 30 strength based questions as others have had in assurance and tax (mentioned in this thread:

What are further possible questions?
@Convivialist: Can you please comment on the questions you have been asked?



Hey Folks,

For all those wondering what the questions on the first interview are, below is a list of questions that I collected on the board. I went through the first round and the questions were almost identical, there were 1 or 2 unexpected questions, but the rest were one form or another of the ones below. A couple of tips - have more than one example ready for each, make sure you can answer follow up questions, READ THE EY website thoroughly and remember their key values, slogans, attributes that they look for - and adjust your answers accordingly.

• Why EY? Why this role?

• What do you do when you find a task boring?

• How do you make sure you always do your best?

• What have you contributed to a team to help their success?

• Would your friends describe you as organised?

• Tell me about a company/brand you admire, and what question would you ask them?

• Why advising?

• How do you make others feel confident in your abilities?

• If you were at work and got a surprise couple of hours off, what would you do with the time?

• What motivates you?

• Give an example of a time when you had to go out of your way to help someone.

• Do you need to be an expert at something in order to lead a team?

• Give an example of when you had to change the way you did something in order to solve a problem

• What have you done to follow up/learn about advisory?

• Should there be more hours in the day?

• Tell me about your groups of friends?

• Do you talk to different groups of friends differently?

• Do you enjoy working in a team?

• Have you ever wanted to quit something?

• Have you ever put the needs of a team before your own?

• Have you ever done something differently second time around?

• Have you ever build a strong working relationship with anyone?

• Do you prefer starting or finishing?

• When have you persuaded someone?

• Do you prefer quick action or careful planning?

• How do you know your strengths and weaknesses?

• Why would you be better than other people?

• How would a lecturer describe you?

• Would a friend say you are organised?

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Hi all,

Thanks a lot for sharing your experience on IT advisory ( performance improvement role )

I have a first round interview coming up in April …

for those who have received offers already

what are the steps after the first round ? ( how long do they take to inform us for assessment centre )

should i expect to take the test in first round interview or do i need to take them at AC ?

what was the AC like for this role ?



Thanks to everyone that has provided information about the BAP-PI first interview- very helpful!! Mine is on Friday… eek!


Hi everyone,
I received email confirmation that I was successful with the online assessment stage on April 9th (applied for BAP - PI). How long did it take for them to contact you guys for an interview after that email? I am also a bit worried that I may have applied too late and positions might have filled up for PI already. Any feedback from those who interviewed for this service line in March/ early April would be appreciated. Thanks much.


hI Guys…
SEEMS like I am asking right questions at right place. I applied foR Sept Intake for IT advisory. Cleared the online test. Anyone knows wat will happen next.the website doesnt explain the process properly. I am expecting a telephone interview.just wondering if I shud prepare for the same questions mentioned above and I ll be fine. any idea how the interviewers are like.cuz i got interviewed twice for Capgemini and I couldnt impress them…Dont know what they look for. But they dint impress me either…You only hear them typing thats it…So if u guys knw how is it EY would be nice…
thnx all and all the best to everyone…


Hey folks,
Thanks for all the help with the above interview questions. I am a Junior, and just got a call for an interview for an internship position with E&Y’s Performance Improvement(PI) - Advisory services (Banking and capital market).
Kindly help with my following enquires:

  1. Are the questions for PI(B & CM) any different from PI(IT)? Since most of the above questions were mainly strength-based.
  2. Are the questions for internships the same as those asked for graduate interviews(I understand there may not be as many interviews, but would the questions be skewed differently?).

Please help and thanks in advance. :slight_smile:


Hi i just wanted to know if there is a case study in the first interview for advisory PI? I am aware of the strength based questions, but, am unsure the remaining content. Any information would be fantastic.


Hi All!
I just had a first round interview for manager position within the Advisory Services (Program Advisory). I have been called back for a second round - a case study interview. Has anyone had any experience and tips to share regarding this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.