Ernst and Young - difference between them and other Big 4 firms


…yes I know the big 4 are more alike than different but I understand there are slight cultural differences?

It seems impossible to gleam these from their website (its just full of the usual corporate bullsh** about their value’s and their emphasis on teamwork etc etc)

My question is WHAT DIFFERENTIATES EY from its main competitors?

And failing that, what does EY like to think differentiates it, and hence would be good to highlight at interview?

Please someone help as I really have no idea!


I did an internship at EY and, in the induction week, the main point they emphasized is that the firm differentiates itself through its values - have a look on the website for details of what they are.
Also in the induction week, from what I can remember, there were exercises involving asking (particularly Partners) how they live by these values.
I must admit that though I appreciated all the things they said, it’s clear that the other Big 4 firms have similar value systems, albeit worded differently.

EY also tries to differentiate itself by having a flat organisational structure, in the sense that the (London) office is open plan and none of the Partners have individual offices.

Hope that helps!


I just said that they are friendly and personable. It works.


thanks qwertyuiop that helps a lot!

when you mentioned the flat organisational structure - did you find that this helped create a more open culture - that people talked to each other regardless of seniority?


Yes I would say so.

Certainly I got the impression that anybody could approach a Partner with a question.
I think that if Partners are accessible, or at least appear to be accessible, then this creates an atmosphere conducive to teamwork.


qwertyuiop, I have an internship offer from them for Audit FS. Would you say it’s a good place to work?

(sorry to hijack the thread)


compared to who? by the way was your first round just an interview or did you have tests too?


First round interview is just a long list of ridiculous competency questions. Questions like ‘how do you build trust in someone’ is so open-ended and the fact that I had already exhaust all of my examples for other questions mean that I tend to bullshit alot on some of the questions.

There are way too many questions asked and it all seems a bit mechanical as the interviewer was required to read the questions on the questions sheet…

My interviewer was really great though, very friendly. I had yet to meet someone from EY I didn’t like during the whole process.

No tests for first round, just at the AC. Beware of the numerical test btw, it tends to get harder as you progress further so I would recommend doing the easier questions as quickly as you can.



EY is a great place to work. I worked in Audit FS also, specifically in BCM. The people at EY are really friendly. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.


I am applying for E&Y Audit in Birmingham and will have my 1st interview on Friday.
Could any one give me some tips for it pls. Will there be any commercial awareness questions at all???
Thanks lots.


Dear All,
I have read your posts and have found them really helpful.
I have first round of intervire coming up for Audit, i just wanted to know about the paper based test?When does this take place?and is this taken from each candidate?
other firms only have the online tests, dont they?

Secondly, as i m an international candidate, is there a possiblity of taking the first interview over the fone?KPMG does allow this.

please reply at your convineince



Hope this email meets you well.

Did you get the job offer at EY Birmingham office.

Nice Day.