Ernst and Young assessment centre


I have been asked to go the assessment day for Audit, with Ernst and young in London and was wondering if anyone who has already been could tell me whether the paper based numerical reasoning test is an SHL test, and if so are they similar questions to those that keep on popping up in the SHL tests I have done online.
Also how long is the test…Is it 20 minutes to answer 21 questions?
Also what is the exact format for the day?
Any other information on the assessment day would be much appreciated. Cheers


Yes - the paper test will be similar to SHL, if not SHL itself. Have you seen teh E&Y wiki profiles?


It’s not I had it, it was a kenexa test, but it was quite different from the online tests. the E&Y profile is pointless since they have changed everything up this year. It was all very manageable and my advice to anyone going to an assessment centre with E&Y is to relax, I was nervous and I don’t think that worked in my favor as I felt I was a bit slow on the first test. Good luck to everyone going.


Could you PLEASE give a more detailed description about the day. I have one coming up and am sooo nervous