Ernst and Young application form questions


Dear All,

      I'm having a bit of difficulty answering the following two questions from the E&Y application form
  1. Descirbe how you have applied something you have learnt to make a practical difference.

  2. Describe a situation where you took responsibilty without being asked.

I’m not sure what they are looking for. Should the answer for Q1. be taken from what you have learnt at uni and for Q2. are they looking for your use of initiative or when you took on a task as your own without being prompted to, or both?

Thanks for any suggestions



You can use example from whenever, as long as they are no earlier than uni. Real world work experience answers are better but not essential. They are both example of [[competency based questions]] and you want to pick an example of a time when you have shown initiative, [[leadership]] and responsibility. Wha ideas have you had so far?


Ive also had problems answering these two questions, and am having trouble coming up with ideas which can actually relate to uni or work experiance has anyone got any examples of what they have said thanks.



i’m stuck on the practical difference question too :frowning:

for the other question i put down a work related experience when i was a supervisor just getting on with a job by myself

im having bother with the last question about the task with sustained effort because i’m no a gap year so can’t really refer way back to uni - any suggestions??




guys what did you put for “what was the last activity you completed that took you out of your comfort zone” question? can somebody give me some examples.