Ericsson UK graduate program 2011


Anyone applied yet… I am at the interview stage


Hi Misty
I need to finish a online test…they are using same website as bloomberg…do you what kind of question i’m expecting?


A combination of numeric, verbal, logical reasoning… and then some personality questionaire, kind of harder than usual but passable with very short time …goodluck!


Hi Misty
I have done the numerical ,verbal and logical reasoning today…i think it was better than SHL…thanks for the help m8 btw have you passed the telephone interview? what kind of questions i’m expecting?


About 6 competency based questions and a couple of questions about your knowledge of the company and why you applied.

Nothing technical and lasts about an hour.


Hey Guys …wow I just had a phone interview. yeah Misty you are right!! it was about an hour plus…Misty how did you find it ?


finished my phone interview …6 generic competency question, how long takes you to get feedback? The interviewer told me that it may takes 2-3 weeks and AC will be around April or May…


Hi peps…are there any paractice tests before we do the test in question. Are the tests PSL or SHL?


Hi Guys!

  1. Flush2010 , I think they use shl.

  2. Just been invited to complete online tests and I’ve absolutely got no clue of the structure. Are these tests verbal, logical and numeric reasoning? If yes, are they separate or they are combined. How many questions are there roughly?
    I’ve got until Sunday to complete my tests.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks!


You will be undertaking numerical, Verbal and diagrammatic logical + 2 personality tests. I think only personality tests are from SHL.


Many Thanks Melodica. I’ll do these tomorrow (Friday 18th). Hopefully these assessments aren’t as hard.

How was your telephone interview? Have you heard anything yet? (Melodica)


Not yet… they told me they gonna get back to me in 2 -3 weeks time…tat’s long …how about the guys who have passed phone interview, how long did they let you know the outcome?


Have you guys received confirmation to the AC? I got a email said that although i passed phone interview, but they still can’t decide whether I am able to go to AC until they finished all the phone interview.


Hi guys!

Can anyone help me for telephonic interview. I have in 2 days time and still thinking to what to prepare?

What sort of questions they gonna ask in competency?


Hello guys does any one have any information concerning the AC’S? Has any one been invited to the AC yet?


hi rams lion, the questions are basically about team working experiences, your leadership experiences, why do you want to work for ericsson, what you know about the company, facts about the company, the company’s customers, how have you been able to communicate with a group of people that were not ready to listen to you, its just competency based questions…but ill advice you research erricsson well and always let the interviewer know you have knowledge about ericsson, ericssons customers and present developments in the IT industry (4G LTE, 3D TV transmission, tablets, mobile apps…) …the line kept cutting while i was speaking but the outcome was great.


yeah @A1RICH i was invited to the AC like 2 days after the interview, though that was like 2 months ago…


Did they actually invite you to the AC or just let you know that you passed phone interview?


I just read the email again after 2 months, its actually informing me that ive passed the interview and the shortlist would come out soon…was that the same for you


Yeah…same for me…I called them and they said we just get shortlisted but it is not a guarantee for the AC…they can’t decide until they finish all the phone interview…