EPSRC grants - MSc courses


I have been having a look at a few good postgraduate MSc courses being taught at very high level university departments, which have EPSRC bursaries available (EPSRC grants). I was wondering if anyone had any idea what kind of academic record the recipients of these grants would generally hold?

The only information I can find on the course websites is that students are expected to hold at least a 2.1 in a relevant discipline, and that these bursaries are awarded to around one in five students joing the course (although it seems as though they are only available to UK citizens, so the odds are not really quite that low).

Also, it would be really helpful if anybody knows if you would receive the offer of a EPSRC bursary at the same time as your invitation onto a course, or if you would have to accept a course offer, and then be considered for funding?

Thanks if anyone can give any help!


Last year I applied for a course which was running a number of NERC studentships. I applied as normal (just followed the normal application process) and then when my university confirmed the offer of a place on the course they said they had put me forward for a studentship anyway. A few weeks later I received a letter telling me I had received it - easy!. After that I had to let my uni know before a specified deadline whether or not I was going to accept the place on the course and the studentship, which I did.

I would expect the liklihood of getting the studentship would depend on your academic record, and probably also on the quality of your application and personal statement.

There are also some 3+1 studentships (where you apply for a PhD at the same time). I think with them it is more complicated, as you have to write a research proposal, and also because some PhD studentships are not allocated to specific universities, they depend on the quality of the research proposal.

It’s probably best to talk to the admissions department at the university you want to apply to - as they’ll be best placed to tell you about the specific procedure they run.

I’d also say that you should apply to things even if you think you might not get them - you never know!

Hope this helps