Eon E.on Assessment Centre on the 22nd of November


Was wondering if anyone else will be at the Assessment Centre on the 22nd of November?


Hey! Yes, they’ve changed mine to the 22/Nov. What business area are you going for?


I’ve applied for the finance scheme. How about yourself?


are u guys doing undergraduate or graduate schemes`?





I have my assessment centre with e.on next week for the international business Management scheme!! can anyone tell me what happens specifically at the assessment centre and any advice?? After the presentation is it a competency based interview??

Much appreciated


I’ll be on the next Assessment Centre for E.ON. I was wondering if anyone is willing to share some experiences about a previous AC at E.ON. I realized that different streams (e.g. Finance & International Management) have it on the same day. Does it mean that these ACs will be hold together? And could anybody give some further information on what to expect from the Case Study?
Every help is much appreciated!!!


I had an assessment centre a couple of weeks ago - it was actually quite relaxed and everyone was really nice, so no need to be too nervous! Different streams are held together, which is quite nice and shouldn’t be more than 10 people. They give you LOTS of background information on E.ON and what to expect for the AC on the first afternoon, so you’re completely prepared.
The AC includes a business case, which is a booklet of information relating to a fictious company and you have to propose problems/solutions, which is quite straightforward, and this information is used again in the group task. After the self presentation and competency interview there is a roleplay, which is nowhere near as daunting as it sounds. There are lots of breaks throughout the day and the people running it are all very friendly, so felt very relaxed and surprisingly uncompetitive!
Good luck!


Thanks for the tips! Anyone going to the AC on November 30? And any ideas on how to prepare for the case study?