Entry to PwC without a degree?


Can you get into PwC without a degree? I’ve got strong A-levels (AAB) but never went to university. I’ve been doing odd jobs since but I would like to try accounting.


Definately… but it’s harder. They only take a certain number of people. You can’t do ACA (the ICAEW require you to have a degree) but you can do ACCA which is the next best thing, or CIMA, or one of lots of other qualifications. The particularly good news is, the money is just the same, so, if, like a colleague at PwC, you start at 18 instead of 22, by the time your 22 years old you are getting paid a 26 year old’s salary, and the difference is massive (better part of double).

My advice is, however, you need to prove commitment to career, and be able to explain why you are choosing not to go to university and why, despite this, you are still dedicated to studying accounting with a firm.