Enterprise Rent a car Interview questions

Enterprise Rent A Car

Very recently I had my interview with enterprise rent a car, this is how my application went.

Filled in details online - I accidentally skipped the cover letter (which in my case apparently did not matter)

Telephone interview - fairly vague questions on times when you may have used sales techniques, why you chose your degree/university, what interests you about the role. It takes about 10-15 mins and I did mine whilst I was walking my dog.

Face-to-Face interview - first set of questions are “can you tell me what you have learnt about enterprise?” - so go for where it was founded, why, by who, what countries they are located in etc, “why have you chosen enterprise?”, then there are questions on when you have demonstrated being a leader, how successful, did you enjoy it etc. sales questions (as this job has a lot to do with sales) and finally customer service questions eg “tell me when you have gone an extra mile for a customer” - so they ask questions for about 45 mins (though she said it would take 30 mins so depends how much you talk), and then for me I asked questions which lasted about 15 mins. Word of warning do not say too much about your previous/current jobs at the start, because I found myself repeating a lot of information for new questions I had already answered in previous unrelated questions and ended up using poor examples for some important questions.

they didn’t ask me questions on; organisation, social life, uni life. Try not to use university examples as she kept steering me away from them even though I did a lot of work as a treasurer etc. Also I know im blabbing here but say you like long hours and working hard, and know your dislikes about previous jobs.

This is the middle stage as if you get through this round you then meet the branch you have chosen manager for “more detailed questions” and then an assessment centre.

also dont worry my interviewer probably did more talking than i did!

oh also dont say your values i.e. “i think a leader is good because of these qualities”, you NEED good strong anecdotes on when YOU have been a leader


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