Enterprise Rent a Car HR interview

Enterprise Rent A Car

I have an interview this week with the HR department of Enterprise Rent a Car (the interview after the phone interview) and I’m wondering if anyone else has had this interview and what the questions were, so that I can prepare. Any information would be helpful :slight_smile:



Sorry but this isn’t answering any of your questions, but i have the same interview tomorrow, for the enterprise graduate scheme?

What sort of questions did they ask? did you get the job?



Sorry I have only just seen the comment, but he was really friendly towards me, asked lots of customer service questions and what I knew about Enterprise. He told me he’d let me know if I got through this stage within a week, and called me yesterday to say I got through and now I’ve got a branch visit lined up for after christmas.
Hope your interview went well too :slight_smile:


Hi, I have my telephone interview next week and was just wondering on what questions did they ask? general or specific questions, examples of roles and experience? and roughly how long did it take?
thanks guys…


First question, what do you know about enterprise, and what made you apply? I spoke about the scheme and how I liked the sound of it. He said he normally gets people telling him how many branches there are and when enterprise was formed, he said that’s really dull and he’d heard it so many times so try and avoid that if you can.
There are lots of questions about customer service so be prepared for that. If you’ve got a job in a shop or a restaurant or something, think of loads of examples of customer service, and how you’ve gone the extra mile.
There’s some questions about uni and what you do there outside of lectures and how you cope with deadlines and things.
I can’t remember exactly, but I know he talked to me about building relationships with clients and how I would do that and bring new clients to the company, so be prepared to say how you would do that (obviously not a specific business plan, but like contact and a friendly approach)
He also asked me in relation to one question, I can’t remember which, what I would have done differently looking back. DO NOT say nothing. He said he really hated it when people said that.
My interview was meant to be at 3 but it started at 2:45 and I came out at about 3:50 so just over an hour. I don’t know if this is typical but that’s how it was for me.
They will phone someone from the DVLA at the beginning of the interview to check your driving license.
The only other bit of advice I could give you, is don’t be afraid to make a joke.

Hope that helps


Has anyone had a branch visit at Enterprise? I have one coming and any advice would be helpful!


I had my branch interview a while ago. It was a quick tour around the office and where all the cars are kept. Then had an interview with the branch manager. He has a tick sheet of things to do with you, but mine said he wasn’t going to make me wash a car, so fingers crossed yours doesn’t either.

The majority of the questions were pretty much the same as with the HR interview so don’t panic about that too much. It’s mostly customer focused too so make sure you’ve got plenty of examples ready of “going the extra mile”.

Hope this helps.


Thanks that was very helpful. Do you know what to expect on the assessment day? Area and City managers will be in also


First off you have to watch a video about Enterprise. It’s the tackiest video ever. We laughed at it and ripped it after it had finished.
For the first activity you are the directors of Enterprise and have to decide how best to spend the money available for charity. Each person is given a charity to represent and amount of money the charity needs. You have to give a presentation on why your charity should receive the money. Then discuss as a group which charities get the money. Don’t worry if your charity doesn’t get the money, I think it’s more about your confidence in making the presentation and group discussion skills.
After this the group splits into two with one group doing one task and the other group doing another.
I did the role play first. It’s really not as cringy as it sounds. You have to pretend you’re working in a branch and someone has brought a car back with a scratch on it. You have to get them to pay the insurance excess and they’re going to argue with you about how they can’t afford to pay it. Just stay calm, offer then options on how to pay it, can anyone else help them pay it etc.
For the second role play you are talking to the owner of a car body shop trying to get them to work with enterprise. Be really interested in their business and how enterprise can benefit them. If they say the prices are too high, say you can negotiate a deal with them.
The third activity is “a day in the life” You have to plan a day in a branch when you’ve got one staff member off sick, and more than one car coming in at the same time. For this don’t be afraid to use the area manager. Upgrae people don’t downgrade. Just make sure you can explain why you’re doing everything and it will be fine. We all did it slightly differently but it didn’t matter. There’s a bit of maths but it’s really simple. Like one person gets a discount and you have to say how much they are paying.
The last activity is an interview. It’s one to one. There are some trickier questions than the other interiews but nothing to major. I can’t really remember the questions they asked, but hope everything else is useful.
Good luck.


Thankyou, that was really helpful, I take that into account. Did you get the job? Are you still working there?


Yes I got the job, and I haven’t started yet. I start in August but I’m still finishing my degree now so I can’t tell you anything about the job. I know a couple of people that have done a placement year with Enterprise and really liked it. But I guess we’ll have to wait and see for ourselves!.
Good luck.


Oh wow, thats so cool, which branch will you be working at? Whats the best way to prepare you reckon?


Got an interview today, i hope i do well.