Enterprise Assessment


I was invited to an AC with Enterprise (not Enterprise-rent a car), any one with useful information on the assessment activities/exercises should please help


Hi mancheroks
I to also have been invited to an AC to the same firm. Could you please give me some useful information about the AC i.e. what happened. I also have to prepare a 5 mins short presentation. Did you also have to do the same?


Hi mancheroks
I to also have been invited to an AC to the same firm. Could you please give me some useful information about the AC i.e. what happened. I also have to prepare a 5 mins short presentation. Did you also have to do the same?


Hello nkang88,

The AC involves a series of individual and group activities. I can’t remember everytin vividly, but let me try. It started with an Ice breaking: basically getting to know other candidates. This was followed by a group activity (groups of 5 or 6), we were asked to prepare a business proposal/plan based on some given set of informations and present to a local council (assessors) for approval. We took up different roles in the task namely: MD, marketing, finance, operations, sales manager. The key thing is just get involved in the activities, contribute and listen by making eye contact when other candidates air their view. Lest I 4get, u guys need to plan ur work, allocate time and follow it thru to completion. The next group exercise was Negotiation-Seller/Buyer scenario ( a team of 2 buyers and 2 sellers). The buyers and sellers discuss and plan their strategy based on the given info b4 negotiating with the other party- remember it should be a win-win situation. The other group exercise is about survival in the sea, we were given a list of 15 items and asked to prioritse them for survival. This was done both individually and then as a group.

The individual activities is the 5mins presentation (research a lot about the coy) and a business case analysis (45mins). For the BCA, We were asked to write a report in support of a selected business proposal based on a set of benchmarks. The use of tables and diagrams were highly recommended for comparing the various business options. Technical and Economic analysis were required to justify the selected option.

Try and figure out the competencies required from these activities, it will help in your preparation. I hope this helps. All da best!!!


Hi mancheroks

Thank you for all the information. When you stated, “research alot about the coy” did you mean the company, and if so would that involve the vision, value, driving principles, little history and the services that Enterprise offers, or somehing else? Did you know what the AC was to involve prior to attending it? Finally if you dont mind me asking did you recieve the position?


Also im finding it difficult to include alot about Enterprise especially since the presentation is only 5 mins long. What sort of things do you think I would need to include. The brief I have been given is;

Imagine it is the year 2015. You have been working for Enterprise for five years, since you gained a position on the Graduate Development Programme.

You have been asked by the Board of Directors to give a presentation to the new Graduate population, outlining your career to date, in order to share with them the type of skills, attitudes, and competencies needed to become successful within Enterprise.

Within the presentation you have been asked to include:

o Details of your current position at Enterprise

o How your career has progressed so far, and what skills and capabilities you were able to use in order to achieve this position

o Why you believe you have been successful in your career so far

o Any areas for development you have encountered, and how you were able to approach these

o Details of any key incidents that have shaped your development at Enterprise

o One main piece of advice you would offer the new Graduates


The presentation brief is exactly the same. I know is difficult sayin much in 5mins, I had similar problem too, but try to show in your presentation that u hv bn wit dem for five years by including what u hv mentioned. I never had an idea of what the AC was before attending it and unfortunately I did not get the position. Remember the presentation is just one of several (5 or 6) activities. Goodluck!


Thanks for all the support mate really appreciate it. Just one last thing if you dont mind and thats did you use power -point slides and what did you include in your presentaiton i.e. how did you answer the qs?

Thanks for everything


PP presentation was optional, so I did not use it. Reason being, ideas keep comin each passing day, so I kept on changing the slides n eventually made up my mind against it. As for how I answered the q’s, just can’t remember again. I tried aligning the q’s with the company’s vision, principles and values may be. cheers!