Engineering - back to uni?


I just graduated with an ordinary BSc having really messed up one of my 3rd year exams (resit). Did this happen to anyone else? Right now I’m finding it REALLY hard to find any graduate opportunities that will even consider a non-honours graduate!

I’ve been looking at MSc’s and post-graduate diplomas, particularly in water sustainability and hydrology, but I’m either not qualified or the costs required are too much for me just now. I plan to do some further learning but I also need to make money, so an ideal situation for me would be to work and study part-time. Or if I could get an advanced entry into another institution’s BEng programme in civil engineering and come out with an honours classification, that would be great. I’d like to hear from anyone else who’s been in this situation, because I’m very concerned about my job prospects, even more so in the current economical climate. How I wish I’d worked harder 2 years ago :frowning:


Hey silverstar- I noticed nobody replied to you! What grade did you exit uni with? Did you get a 2.1?