Employment issues for Bankrupts


Looking at Internships with EY/Deloittes/Banks etc

Bankruptcy’s effect on gaining internship / employment at these institutions.?

It never occurred to me when I filed for Bankruptcy nearly 2.5 years ago (6 months to go before I can apply to be discharged - graduate in 12 months) I was in a completely different career space at the time, now I have been pushed into a career change and am completing my Masters of Professional Accounting, looking at what I can do when its all done… wondering right now if I have wasted my time.
Does anyone know how EY / Deloittes etc deals with the applicant who has declared?
Is there any point going through the motions or will I be excluded at the gate?


Hi Samantha

I really can’t see the Big 4 having an issue with you filing for bankruptcy (just be prepared with some good answers to potential tricky questions around it in the interview). To save yourself time, I’d email the HR departments of those firms you’re applying to, just to clarify it won’t make you ineligible. I would be really surprised if it did.