Employment contract question

Deutsche Bank

I’ve recently signed a contract with Deutsche Bank for an internship, but have now changed my mind. Does anyone know whether it is possible to terminate the contract at this stage?
Thank you!


Contracts of employment don’t usually set in until your first day. In order to avoid bad relations you’re probably going to have to lie; as in say something important has come up over summer which means you cant undertake an internship (rather than say you’ve just chosen someone else).



My flatmate was in the exact same position as you, but with another bank and what she did to get her contract terminated was to ring up and explain that you cannot work the dates in question as she had been invited lead a volunteer project abroad and she really wanted to do it. The bank were pretty understanding and in a way its probably better than saying your rejecting them for another bank?? (which is what she did) - Either way whatever you say you cant really leave the door open for a return so at least make it sound unavoidable in your case…

btw what division are you from?



May I ask why you’re not taking the internship? Seems like a leisurely decision in a situation where people would sell their own grandmothers to get an internship or graduate role in a BB!


Yes. An internship at Deutsche Bank is a fantastic opportunity that has high potential to result in a job offer. Even if you don’t want to work in investment banking, an internship at a company like this would be great for your CV.

Do you have another internship offer that conflicts with this?


@Redsuperted - Whats your view on signing two intern contracts?? I know this is a hot debate lots of interns go through, I have personally only signed one, but I know a lot of people at my university that have signed multiple contracts at different IBs?? Whats yours and wiki’s view on this??


There’s nothing wrong with signing multiple contracts for internships as long as the periods of internship don’t overlap. In fact, getting as many internships on your CV as possible is a very good idea - employers are increasingly placing more importance on internships than they are on other factors, such as academic grades and extracurricular activities.

Regarding internships for the same time period (e.g. June 2009) - my professional opinion would be that one candidate should only signed one contract with one firm for one period.

It is unlikely (very unlikely) a firm would rescind an internship offer (unless it was a 12 month [[industrial placement|placement]]) and so there is less excuse for accepting multiple internship offers as there would be for, say, accepting multiple graduate job offers (which in the current climate it is certainly possible may be rescinded).

I don’t know the specifics of employment law on contracts – in particular internship contracts – but I am almost 100% sure that a firm wouldn’t do anything whatsoever if a candidate dropped out of an internship contract at the last minute (for example if you had two internship offers).

As I already said though - it isn’t fair to accept more than one internship offer for one period of time, and there isn’t really any excuse for it - plus, more than anything, you could be preventing a fellow student from the possibility of an internship, which is actually pretty harsh.