Employment agency offering accountancy and law courses


In my research I acme across the following website http://www.reedlearning.co.uk/training/courses which made me asj if anybody has ever used this company and if so what was the benefit?
There is a whole range of one day courses which of themselves I suggest will not be of great use in terms of career building but could well be of use in allowing postgraduates or even graduates to assess whether the direction they are considering may be of use to them. An example of my thinking is that there is a one day course titled “The role of the Company Secretary”. Now I am not sure that in one day you can encapsulate all that a Company Secretary does but nonetheless I am wondering if there is value in this for those who wish to consider this career. The cost is in my view quite high but it may either confirm or deny your choice of career.
This company also offer training for ACCA and CIMA and that was surprise to me as I was not aware of this string to their bow. It would be good if anybody who has used this company for this type of training could comment as it would enable forum readers to be able assess the other courses against this one.
Amongst the other courses on offer which would help those who are trying to see their way forward in both accountancy and law are Internal Audit, Commercial Law, Companies Act 2006, and a whole host of Management Accounting options.
This company which are well respected certainly seem to have many options which will help people in either advancing their careers, or in receiving a basic outline that may help in decision making. I would like peoples’ opinion on what is on offer as I am considering one of these seminars but before handing over my hard earned cash I want to garner opinions.


I must admit although I haven’t come across this company but I have seen other companies that seem to offer such a wide range of courses that it makes me a little suspicious as to whether or not they can really offer the same amount of focus and depth of knowledge that is possible from the more specific training establishments. I’m also somewhat concerned about the idea of an employment agency offering training, I can’t help but feel that they may not have the correct agenda in mind. Then again who better to work out what employers actually want. Personally I would say that I would happily attend one of their day course to get a general feel for a specific issue or as a refresher on an area of knowledge but I wouldn’t necessarily use them for a career change in course such as the ACCA.
Just my thoughts but I would definitely research these more as they clearly have a different perspective to offer which may be very worthwhile.



I too have looked at this post by Turk Town Boy (have you wondered where that name came from?) and questioned the wisdom of the approach. There is such a multiplicity of courses available, albeit that they are only one or two day courses, that one wonders as to whether they are able to maintain integrity. I note that some courses are by nominated people and that bodes well, but those that are by a variety of presenters would not be something I personally would want to attend.
I note with interest the comment you make about what may be called the two sides of the coin. The staff agency presenting courses and the benefit that may be seen from this in that they will understand employer needs. The second part of the equation has a good ring to it, as they will see what clients are demanding and can then establish courses around that.
However that is looking at a client based approach. If you are the person who wishes ti attend improve your knowledge are these courses the right ones? For my part I would hang back a little.
As you say using them for the study of say ACCA is a big NO, NO for me. This requires the specialist schools.