Employers Checking Final Degree Classification


Hi Guys,

I am post offer with a few different grad schemes, but have recently been advised that due to some extenuating circumstances that I might not reach the grade I had expected to get and need to get to fulfil the requirements of the offer. Extenuating circumstances as Uni policy will apparently only go so far.

Do graduate employers check these final certificates and do they take into account extenuating circumstances if I don’t get it. Obviously I will try as hard as I can, but I am inclined to believe my tutors as they have seen this happen before with other pupils.




I think graduate employers normally check your final certificates and it’s really important to be honest, to avoid any issues later. Have you checked the websites for the companies you’ve had offers from, as it can’t be an uncommon situation, and their Ts and Cs or FAQs should give you more info? Even if some say they won’t consider lower grades, I would call them to discuss your extenuating circumstances and see what they say. They probably all have different policies (not just from company to company, but scheme to scheme), and if you show you’re super keen and can explain the situation and maybe even suggest how you’ll make up for any shortfall in your grades (IF you don’t achieve the grade you need) then they may well consider your case. Competition is stiff but they aren’t monsters. Also, you must be a good candidate overall if you’ve had a few offers, so it’s definitely worth a shot :slight_smile: Have your tutors or careers centre suggested calling the companies, or given you any other advice?


Hey, thanks for the advice! That was my initial instinct- that telling them would be good. But both my parents and tutors say I should just wait and see what happens :confused: And talk to them if I dont make the grades. It’s a tricky one!!


Hey, no worries :slight_smile: It is a tricky one, especially if they are saying it’s better to wait. As your tutors have seen this situation before maybe it is best to follow their advice, as they probably know the best way to handle it. After all, it is only a possibility that you aren’t going to get the grade but you might well get what you need, and then there’ll be no issue and you’ll have told them for nothing (I had a similar situation at high school where I got predicted a lower grade than I needed to get in to the uni course I wanted and panicked a bit, but then I got the higher grade in the end anyway and had no problems). Maybe what you could do is do a bit of a search on the websites of the companies (and their forums, if they have them), to see if there are any posts about it? Did your tutors say what happened with the other students who didn’t get what they needed, as they might be able to reassure you too?