Emirates Assessment Day


Hi Guys,

Received a email today notifying me that I’m through to the next stage of an Emirates - Commercial Trainee position.

The next stage, which is on Thursday is an assessment day and in the email it says that it will consist of “a number of ability tests” and a 10-minute presentation on the topic of our choice".

Anyone have any idea what sort ability tests?

And anyone have any light to shed about a 10-minute presentation about ANYTHING? It’s a bit vague lol…

Thanks guys!



The tests will be [[numerical reasoning]] and [[verbal reasoning]] [[aptitude tests]] no doubt.

For info on the presentation see the WikiJob general article on [[presentation]]s.

Is this a position with Emirates the comercial airline?


Thanks for your help.

Yeah, it’s a position for Commercial Trainee. Grad. development scheme covering a range of commercial areas of the business.


Can I ask though - We’re to do a 10 minute presentation on ANY topic whatsoever… What do you think they are looking for? I believe they’re ALWAYS looking for something right? Does topic matter or is that secondary to how you conduct yourself and the presentation?

And also - they mentioned we can use PowerPoint slides, flip-charts, pens, objects etc, - OR - nothing at all…!

Any advice on this?



I applied for a Finance position at Emirates -

I had done a Skye Interview back in March ,

I was then invited to Dubai for Assessments and Final Interview -
My Final Interview was on Tuesday 19th May 2015

How Long Before I hear anything back ?

Would they let me know if I am Successful or Unsuccessful ?